Coronavirus affects nervous system and brain, new study says

Doctors, who were working with COVID-19, said that the infection affects nervous system and brain. Almost half of all patients have neurological manifestations of the disease.

If the nervous system is damaged, the patient faces the following symptoms and consequences: headaches, dizziness, problems with smell and taste, cramps, strokes, muscle pains.

It is important to note, that in the majority of cases, neurological symptoms occur first, and only then a fever, cough, or breathing problems, said a doctor from Northwestern University.

Coronavirus affects whole nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, as well as muscles. The brain, as a rule, suffers from oxygen lack. Also, blood coagulation is often violated, which leads to strokes. It was found that the virus may cause brain infection and inflammation, resulting from the body’s reaction to negative alterations. There were cases when inflammations damaged brain.

The doctor, together with his colleagues, founded the Neuro-COVID research group to study in details the effect of coronavirus on human body, in particular, on nervous cells. In the nearest future the scientists will find out if such effect is temporary or changes are permanent.  

By Cindy
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June 16, 2020

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