Virologists predicted the development of the pandemic

The second wave of coronavirus, which is expected in the fall, could be prevented. It is easily explained by the low “viral load” which is now less severe. It means that coronavirus in all countries became less aggressive than it was before. This prediction was made by the Italian virologist Massimo Clementi.

“If over time the virus becomes less virulent, then the situation with such number of infected will not happen. In May, the doctors start to talk about the severity of the virus declines. In this case we’ve talked about not only the decreased number of infected, but also about small number of severe cases”.

The virologist and his colleagues conducted the study and found out that in winter the viral load was several times higher, than in the end of the spring. Of course, at the moment, scientists are not completely sure of this, but further research will help to obtain more accurate results.

It is worth to note that such prediction was made by other scientists from different countries. In the nearest future, most likely, coronavirus will provoke only the simplest respiratory diseases.

However, Japan scientists assure, that the second wave couldn’t be avoided, and it will be more horrible, than the first one.

By Cindy
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June 15, 2020

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