Scientists told where the new pandemic may start

The new study, published by zoologists, says that Southeast Asia animal markets can be great place for the development of various types of coronavirus. The new pandemic may start there, as there exist all the conditions for the development of disease.

It is interesting, that this study was conducted 7 years ago. “We found virus strains in all markets. Rodents were sold in each market. In addition, the virus was found in 60% of farms, 94% enterprises, where bat droppings are used as fertilizers” the scientists said.

It is worth to note that due to the fact the animals always change places, the number of coronavirus samples are always increasing. For example, there were 21% of infected among rats. Today, the number of infected ones has increased by 32% in markets, 56% in restaurants, where rodents were served as a dish.

An increase in infected individuals is also observed among bats, bamboo rats, and porcupines. Experts are confident that infection occurs in the markets because the feces of different animal mix. The pathogen is very quickly transmitted from one species to another. Confirmation of this is that experts found viruses in rodent excretions, which are usually found in birds or bats.

By Cindy
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June 15, 2020

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