Dependence is far from the only one.

Although social media offer many opportunities when it comes to making new acquaintances, they have also brought a lot of new problems and nuances to romantic relationships.

If she did not publish your photo on the social network, does this mean that she meets other guys? Will she ever leave you for one of the hundreds of men who constantly comment on her Instagram photos? And with whom does she always chat with? Surely one of these questions flashed through your head at least once.

I don’t want to say at all that you urgently need to delete all accounts before they destroy the love of your life, I just want to give some figures on how social networks can influence romantic relationships.

  1. Fasting with a loved one on a “special” day is done by more than 80% of Instagram users

According to a survey conducted by Adobe earlier this year, 84% of millennial instagram users in a relationship planned to post something related to their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

The same survey showed that 1 out of 4 millennial Instagram users spend at least 30 minutes a day photographing their girlfriend or boyfriend on vacation.

  1. Frequent use of social networks leads to increased feelings of jealousy and a decrease in the quality of relationships

You probably guess this without any statistics, but I’ll give you some numbers anyway. A small survey of 205 Facebook users showed that the more time a user spends on a popular social network, the more likely his relationship will end in a breakup.

Of course, this was very little research, but your own experience probably does not stop believing it. If your girlfriend (or yourself) is busy watching YouTube videos instead of spending time with your soul mate, or even worse – flirting with someone from your old friends in the messenger, then the outcome will be very predictable.

  1. Increased use of a smartphone also leads to a decrease in the quality of relationships

One study conducted by the University of Essex showed that just having a mobile phone nearby (whether you use it or not) can reduce the feeling of being close to another person.

How and what can harm a lying smartphone can only be guessed at. But maybe you should try leaving your phone on charge in another room when a girl comes to you. Or at least keep it out of sight during your next dinner together.

  1. Stop communicating with the former – this is the right choice (as science says)

Removing ex-friends from friends after the break today is becoming less dramatic and more familiar, and statistics support such behavior as the best way to reduce the pain of the separation process.

Thus, studies at the University of Brunel showed that keeping track of updates on the former Facebook can significantly reduce the chances of starting a new relationship in the near future, which in turn strengthens the experiences associated with the gap and, to some extent, impedes personal growth.

Again, I am sure that you do not need scientific confirmation to believe in it, but it would be nice to remember this the next time you find yourself making excuses to your friends, why you still have not unsubscribed from your ex-instagram. Believe me, she will find a way to contact you if necessary, but most likely you will be better off if she does not!

And yes, I hope that all this information will not make you throw your phone along with your girlfriend’s smartphone. Just do not forget that real life and relationships are more important and cooler than virtual entertainment.

By Cindy
June 15, 2020

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