Sweden explain the absence of quarantine in the country

While almost all countries decided to impose quarantine, Sweden didn’t restrict public life. The authorities told how they were able to control the epidemic.

Sweden didn’t follow the world policy, the only thing they did was to close high schools and universities. The authorities agreed that every citizen can maintain a reasonable lifestyle.

Now there are almost 37 thousand of infected, 4400 died. The hospitals work in normal regime, they are not overcrowded.

Is Swedish policy effective? The country’s chief epidemiologist Anders Tegnell noted that this will be clear only after the end of the epidemic. The situation can be analyzed properly only after all public spheres will be restored. He also emphasized that the total lockdown of the country is unreasonable, and it only leads to negative social and economic consequences. Swedish model of “quarantine” is able to maintain the country for years, while all spheres of the economy continue to function.

The only mistake was unprotected nursing homes. The result is the increase of mortality rate.

By Cindy
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June 14, 2020

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