A doctor with strange side effects from Covid-19 treatment died in Wuhan

Hu Weifeng, a doctor in China, could not stand not only coronavirus itself, but also the treatment. The doctor struggled the disease for four months, but with no results. He died on June 2. By the end of his life the doctor became look like an alien: his skin became black due to intensive treatment. The doctors blame drugs or hormonal disruptions for such alterations. The latter could be the result of impaired liver function. It is known that coronavirus affects the lungs, stomach, liver, and other organs (including the brain).

Hu Weifeng is not the only doctor who saved people, but could not save himself. Before the infection he was working in the Wuhan Central Hospital. He is the sixth victim from this hospital. It is important to note that official statistics says about six victims, but in reality, there can be much more.

It is worth noting that it is the first case of such changes. The majority of patients experienced fever, pain throughout the body, and weakness, but there was no change in skin color.

By Cindy
June 13, 2020

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