The majority of early COVID-19 studies are invalid

A new article of international team says that early researches of COVID-19 treatment have a lot of inaccuracies.

Such conclusions were made after the analysis of 201 clinical experiment of drugs. In March they were all registered in the USA.

 49.8% of analyzed researches were registered in China and 37.8% in the USA. The majority of the researches in the USA were registered from international specialists.

It turned out that in many researches a key function, needed for optimization of its scientific value, such as control group, was absent. The analysis showed that the clinical endpoints for success was absent in one third of the studies.

Almost half of the researches was made on small groups, and two thirds of them implied that the patients knew which drugs were used. So many of these researches will give only preliminary evidence due to their limitations.

“This is the case when we don’t have to talk about further researches due to the urgency”. Quick start of clinical trials showed that there is no effective treatment.

The vast majority of researches included the treatment of other diseases.

So, the scientists concluded that the majority of researches, published in March 2020, don’t have any evidence.

By Cindy
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June 12, 2020

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