The “homeland” of the coronavirus is not China: Chinese authorities made a statement

Chinese authorities made a statement in which they noted that virus may occur in other country, but China was the first to announce mass infection.

The epidemic really started in China, but it doesn’t mean that it appeared there. There’s no evidence that the original source of the disease located in China. It may be brought by the tourists. China was the first to announce the epidemic and started to take measures.

According to two versions, the virus has several origins: Wuhan’s market or laboratory. The first theory now is excluded as numerous studies didn’t approved that the strain is transmitted to humans from marine life. The second theory is more realistic, but China doesn’t want to admit it. There are two laboratories in Wuhan where the same cases occurred.

The truth will be revealed in time, when all disputes will stop. Maybe, it will take more than a dozen years before the world will know the truth.

By Cindy
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June 12, 2020

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