Men and women immunity react to coronavirus differently

Immune system analysis of representatives of different sexes to infection showed that the main immune T-cells in women are more active during the infection. This can explain why men are more often infected than women.

“We’ve learnt that the men and women immune system reacts differently to the first phases of infection. Particularly, men’s immune system produced more signaling molecules which help inflammation to develop, women’s T-cells reacted more actively to the virus. This may explain the gender differences in the nature of the COVID-19” – the scientists write.

Almost from the beginning of epidemic, the doctors started to note that men are more often get infected and die from the virus. Firstly, biologists believed that it occurred because of the ACE2 receptor molecules in men’s lung cells that the virus uses to infect the body. Then, the opinions of experts were divided, however, the majority of scientists believes that men are more affected by this disease.   

By Cindy
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June 11, 2020

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