There is nothing wrong with that, but I understand how difficult it is for you. This can happen to everyone and, moreover, just when you least expect it.

You are with the one you love, and everything is fine with you. Suddenly, someone new suddenly appears in your life … and then everything changes. It may be new at work, someone you met on a trip, or some kind of random situation, but you feel something that you should not feel. You communicate with this new person on an ongoing basis and feel that you are very stuck.

If you sit down and talk with yourself, without hiding anything and without leaving anything, then you acknowledge that you are really in love with two people at the same time. This should not be in your opinion, and you cannot even understand how this happened, but fact is a fact. You love two people and do not know what to do.

What does it mean when you fall in love with two people

For starters, this means that you … are human. Falling in love with two people at the same time – this may not be a much discussed and highlighted phenomenon, but it happens quite often. After all, love begins with a feeling, and you can experience this feeling for someone, and then unexpectedly experience it for someone else – it has no limits and you cannot control it. After all, there are many attractive, bewitching people in the world.

Feeling in itself is not bad or dangerous, but the actions you take can become one. Yes, love begins with feeling, but at some point it develops into a decision, and it is more important.

How to choose between two people you love

The reason you can fall in love with two people at the same time is because you are missing something in your current relationship. It may be something sexual, mental or emotional, but somewhere there is definitely a void that this second person fills.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to understand what does not suit you in your relationship.

The main thing in this matter is to get rid of illusions and be honest with ourselves by 200%. How strong are your feelings for this second person you are in love with? What are they motivated by deep feelings for a person or just passion?

The choice in this case is also to receive from yourself an honest answer to the question “What do I want from life?”. How will this partner fit into your plans? This second person may be better suited to where you go in life, but it all depends on what you are really looking for.

You have to make a decision and do it, as they say, in your right mind. Lust and passion can push you to a decision that you are not really ready for, so you need to be determined, putting these feelings into the background.

By Cindy
June 11, 2020

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