Are you ready for this, and what does all this mean?

Welcome to the 2020th year, and here is what you need to learn first of all: not all people in the world are happy only in monogamous relationships, and polyamory is absolutely normal, but for someone it is a much better format.

There is nothing terrible or explosive here. We’ll figure out what “not monogamy” means, and why free relationships may be your best bet.

What is an open relationship?

An open relationship is when two people in a monogamous relationship make a unanimous decision to explore non-monogamy – polyamory. This can mean a lot of things, including getting to know other sexual partners together or separately, or developing external full-fledged romantic relationships.

Is an open relationship suitable for you and your girlfriend?

Make sure that you and your partner are truly on the same wavelength
A lot of couples say they want to switch to an open relationship format, but when they start working on it, they usually find that they like the idea more than the actual practice.

Do not do this to fix your relationship problems. “Opening” your relationship is not a way to fix existing problems. The opposite is true: you need to have an absolutely solid foundation and complete trust in your relationship if you are going to switch to a polyamorous format.

Successful open relationships come from happy unions in which both partners trust each other 100% and simply want to explore other sexual opportunities.

So, suppose you have decided on an open relationship! How to start?

Set boundaries

You must set clear and defined boundaries before something happens. Have you agreed that you can create a romantic relationship with others, or only a fleeting connection is welcome? If you become attached, do you immediately abandon your original partner?

Are you both not monogamous, or just one of you? Will you share your experience or will you stick to the “Don’t Ask, don’t tell” policy?

All this should be determined by both parties, no matter how boring it may look. And this is not a one-time conversation-contract at the very beginning. These are ongoing discussions that you will lead during all stages of researching your new experience.

Borders may vary depending on the comfort level of both partners. Be honest when you feel that you need to adjust something, but most importantly, you must comply with them.

Chat, chat, and chat again

An open relationship is, above all, communication and, as we have said, trust. In fact, you will have to talk, collaborate and discuss feelings much more often than in a monogamous relationship in order for this to work in full force.

If you suddenly change your mind or want to give up something, immediately share it with your partner.

By Cindy
June 10, 2020

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