What can happen if somebody cough in front of you in the office or in the subway

The Institute of Physical-Chemical Research (RIKEN) in Japan showed the movement of microparticles flying out of mouth.

A lot of people still working from the house due to coronavirus, but with the beginning of the summer more and more people go out to the streets.

Specialists decided to model the microparticles movement, which fly out from the mouth when coughing. Scientists simulated the office room, where employees sit at the same table opposite each other. Even a barrier in the center of the table does not save from invisible droplets. Two employees, sitting the opposite a coughing colleague is in danger: the cloud of micro drops saliva settles down directly on them.

Japanese researchers simulated another situation. They increased the height of the barrier so that its edge was higher than the heads of the workers. But even if in moment of the bacteria ejection all the particles of saliva hit the barrier, then they will spread on those, who sit the opposite, after the air flow movement.

And the final – the transmission in the subway. At rush hour even the open windows will not help as the air flow circulates in a limited space, which increases the chance of infection.

By Cindy
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June 9, 2020

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