Scientists called the major coronavirus carriers

The main culprits of coronavirus infection are super-spreaders – the infected ones, who infected a lot of people with COVID-19.

Hong Kong scientists studied the situation and concluded that 70% of infected one aren’t infectious at all. At the same time, 80% of all infections occur from 20% of carriers.  The have become the main carriers of infection, says scientists.

“Super-spreaders occur more recently than we expected, and now, we can’t consider it an accident. The frequency of super-spreading is out of what we were expecting, – says study co-author Ben Cowling. – If we stop super-spreading, this will be beneficial for everybody”.

Scientists have analyzed more than thousand cases of infection from the end of January to the end of April in Hong Kong. 350 of them were infected by the one group of spreaders, and the rest of the cases were brought from another countries. Six cases of super-spreading were recorded, and they are the reason of more than half of the infections within the country.

By Cindy
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June 9, 2020

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