“Bad advice” on how to exclude the possibility of a second date.

The first date, of course, is one of the most painful human experiences.

It is important to remember that dating is, above all, a game: you win on some, but also lose on others. And this is normal: you only need to find one girl, right?

But besides the “spark” that should slip between you, the way you will behave at the first meeting is important. I put together the most common mistakes and compiled a selection of tips on how to ruin a date – all you have to do is not follow them!

  1. Drink as much as possible

We know that alcohol is a social “lubricant,” and people drink to be less nervous on their first date and to become more relaxed and fun. If this helps you, have a drink.

But not so much to start thinking that it is a good idea to cry in public, fall off the stairs, start a fight in a bar, or embarrass your companion in some other way. By the way, she may also not like your alcoholic amber, especially if she has a negative attitude to strong drinks or decides to refrain from a glass that evening.

  1. Tell her about your ex (in full detail)

One of the main rules of dating: keep your “dark past” with you. It’s not normal to dump your luggage on someone you barely know, so no sobs about the former on a first date.

People of both sexes hate to hear about their former lovers even after many years of dating, so why does someone want to hear about it on their first date? Focus on the person you are with now, and not on the person you were with before.

  1. Talk about yourself without stopping

So, you are a volunteer in an animal shelter, recently received a huge promotion at work, you have four higher educations, and everyone says that you look like Chris Evans?

No matter how interesting your person is, you will be more impressed if you ask questions about the girl opposite and show that you are a good listener, and not just a daffodil who is of little interest except himself.

  1. Behave as an interviewer

Asking a girl questions doesn’t mean turning your date into an interview, or even worse, into a biased interrogation. Therefore, try not to overdo it, so as not to cause companion fatigue or even fear from your unhealthy curiosity.

  1. Embellish some facts about yourself to seem Mr. Perfect

Do not even doubt that you will be caught in a lie. Maybe not right away, but for sure. Even if it is a completely “innocent” lie, for example, if you say that you are reading a book that you never read, you will be caught. How? Because it always happens according to the law of universal injustice (or vice versa – justice?).

Also, do not hide important facts about yourself. Your companion doesn’t need to know everything about you, but she definitely deserves to know if you have children, whether you live with your parents or a neighbor, and whether you now have a job.

What exactly you decide to divulge depends on you, but sooner or later all the skeletons will drop out of the closet, so try to be honest and open from the very beginning.

  1. Check your social networks and respond to the meme that a friend sent

Using a smartphone during a date is rude, unless, of course, an absolutely emergency situation has arisen. Being distracted by the phone is a sign that you are not interested, and greatly hurt the feelings of a companion (imagine yourself in her place – would you like it?).

  1. Discuss your future together (all of a sudden she wants fewer children than you?)

Even if you are sure that this is love at first sight, do not force things and do not rush to admit this girl that very evening. Remember the character Tedd from “How I Met Your Mother” or Raj from “The Big Bang Theory” – such behavior looks creepy and awkward, and does not make the girl think of you as a sensitive and romantic guy.

If you suddenly have a stereotype in your head that all the girls just dream of getting married as soon as possible and are crazy about guys who offer the most serious relationships from the threshold – get rid of this dangerous delusion as soon as possible.

Did the date go great? Great – then plan something together, but let it be for now only your second date. If this is really “the same”, you will definitely have time to tell her about it, but a little later.

By Cindy
June 9, 2020

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