Conservationist believes that the humanity will disappear, if it doesn’t learn a lesson from the pandemic

Conservationist Jane Goodall is sure that people are guilty for the current situation. The pandemic could not exist if people had not demolished wild animals and were not involved in deforestation. The humanity is doomed if it won’t change in the nearest future.

Jane Goodall believes that coronavirus was provoked by the demolishing of natural habitats of wild animals. The agriculture begins to develop rapidly so that the virus was able to spread among animals and after that – among humans. Such a statement was made by an expert and UN ambassador during a meeting with representatives of the European Union.

“We, ourselves, made it. We didn’t respect animals and nature. People create a situation, when virus can easily infect them”.

Jane Goodall believes that people have to stop raising animals on an industrial scale, cut down forests, as it can be the reason for transmission of not only diseases but also of real climate catastrophe. Also, superbacteria, that will be resistant to the most powerful antibiotics, may soon appear.

EU representatives fully agree with Goodall and also worry about the fact that agriculture use inappropriate ways.

By Cindy
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June 8, 2020

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