It may seem like a real test, but you can do it!

A first date with a girl can be quite exciting, but in terms of degree of stress, it is difficult to compare with meeting her parents. However, if you and your girlfriend have a serious relationship and plans for the future, then this is most likely not to be avoided.

Of course, you may be lucky, and her parents may turn out to be archaeologists who have been conducting excavations for many years somewhere in Antarctica, but in case they still live somewhere nearby and invited you for the first time, I advise you to take a deep breath and exhale and read these tips on how not to fix at this crucial moment.

  1. Do your homework

Who is warned is armed, so before Day X, try to learn as much as possible about your parents from your girlfriend in order to be aware of the “pitfalls” that should be avoided.

MEET THE PARENTS, Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, 2000

How do they relate to smoking or alcohol? Their political or sporting preferences, various topics that are not customary to raise in their family and other nuances that can provoke awkwardness or tension between you.

  1. Carefully approach the choice of attire

Putting on your most formal costume at such an “official event” may seem like a good idea, but you can be invited, for example, to barbecue (especially in summer).

Therefore, dress as usual, but make sure that everything is absolutely clean and ironed, the socks are completely intact, and just in case, avoid T-shirts with indecent inscriptions or prints – unfamiliar older people may not appreciate your sense of humor.

  1. Make a present

The tradition may be outdated, but it is unlikely that it can harm you if you choose a “neutral” gift appropriate for the occasion – a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of good wine or a basket of fruits can help make a pleasant first impression.

  1. Watch out for manners

Her parents do not have to be stiff and conservative, but even if you find people who are pleasant and attractive to them, do not forget about manners.

Do not use obscene words and preferably use less jargon, do not forget to say “thank you” and “please”, offer your help, if appropriate, do not talk too much about yourself and give them the opportunity to see that you are a decent, well-mannered guy.

  1. Control your body language

I think that you yourself perfectly understand that showing your beloved parents how much you love her through passionate kisses and warm embrace will be superfluous. But this does not end the control over your body.

Try not to gesticulate too actively and even if you are very bored, do not look at the clock. And yes, spreading your legs too wide is also not worth it.

  1. Do not overdo it

The desire to make a good impression on people who may very well become your relatives is normal, but not all means for this are good. Firstly, do not lie and do not try to seem better than you are – this is a failed tactic in any situation, including this one.

And secondly, don’t try to please her parents too much – don’t need to agree with each of their statements (especially if this contradicts your beliefs), don’t praise everything around too actively (it looks unnatural) and try to relax no matter how scary and be yourself.

Rather, the best and most enjoyable version of yourself. You’re cool, and they’ll probably like it without fanatical attempts to do it.

By Cindy
June 8, 2020

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