New strain of coronavirus caused the second outbreak in China

It is well-known that COVID-19 returned to China. The government introduced quarantine measures.  Everybody believed that it was the same disease but, as it turned out, the virus has significant distinctions. The infected have other symptoms and the pathogen persists in the body longer than usual.

The new virus mutates rapidly. Chinese doctors assure that the new wave of the disease was caused by Russian tourists. The most fearful is that the incubation period has increased. A person may already be a carrier of infection and not even suspect it.

Now 100 million people are in quarantine. New studies showed that Russian tourists and Chinese citizens have the same strain.

By date, it is known about 34 new infected. The government reacted rapidly. People are forbidden to go out in pairs. Once in several days one person can go for groceries. Public transport is again canceled, schools are closed.

For now, there is almost no information about the new strain. The scientists note that the mutations occurred too fast. That’s why it is difficult to tell whether it is possible to create a vaccine.

By Cindy
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June 7, 2020

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