COVID-19 can be a hybrid of two different viruses

It is supposed that different genomes combined which led to the emergence of a new pathogen that provoked a pandemic.

Scientists from the USA have analyzed plenty of genomes and viruses and were shocked with the result. They found that COVID-19 is a combination of different viruses. The basis is bat’s virus, but at the same time, the vital role played a piece of genome which carrier are pangolins.

The process of combining is called recombination. In this case, the genetic material begins to redistribute after breaking and becomes the reason for the connection between completely different molecules. As a result, new genes appear. In the case of the coronavirus gene, simple recombination does not work. But at the same time, the molecules can still change places.

In new researches the specialists have collected 43 different types of coronavirus. The first analysis showed that the virus which caused pandemic is resembled the one found in bats. But other parts look like viruses from other animals.

It is interesting that the process of recombination appeared in the area where virus resembles the pangolin’s virus. This can be explained by the fact that coronavirus has a pointed protein, due to which it clings to cells in the human body. So the experts made a conclusion that the key area is pangolin’s virus, the bat’s virus is only complements it.

By Cindy
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June 6, 2020

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