China made shocking statement on coronavirus

There are a lot of rumors and facts about coronavirus. Earlier it was believed that the place of contamination was a market in Wuhan, but now this fact is officially disproved. Scientists from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Chine were first to make such statement.

All animals from this market were tested for coronavirus, according to recent data. The results were negative. It means that these animals can be an intermediate ‘host’ for virus and cause human infection.

At the beginning of the month WHO suggested that the buyers in the marker were infected and then provoked the transmission of the virus.  It should be noted that in some media there exist a version of artificial creation of the virus, but today no evidence was found.

Today coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world. The most infected territories are South and North America. The situation is a bit better in other countries, but the number of infected people increases every day.

By Cindy
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June 6, 2020

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