Introversion is not a sentence!

Unlike the openness to the outside world inherent in extroverts, introverts often turn to their inner world, and social interactions take away a lot of energy from them. And this is in the best case, and in the worst – it causes stress at all.

We live in a crazy world – from social networks where “everything is on display” to work in open space – it seems that everything was created for some extraverts. However, being an introvert is not uncommon. Studies show that introverts make up 30 to 50% of our population!

So in no case do not think that something is wrong with you, and if so far your attempts to find a girl were unsuccessful, then try to change tactics taking into account the peculiarities of your nature.

  1. Visit places where you feel comfortable

Introverts do not like large crowds, noisy establishments or meaningless small talk. And this is wonderful! Do not force yourself to hang around in such places.

If loud music in a club is causing you concern, if this is not your environment, do not go there just to meet women. This, most likely, will not work, because you will not be relaxed and open to meeting new people.

If you like quiet places, everything is in order. You can meet a girl in a cafe, library or gym. Smile at her. If she smiles back, look for an opportunity to speak with her. Many girls also like to meet guys in quiet places.

  1. Find yourself a social hobby

Look for people in your area with similar interests. Are you a bookworm? Join a local book club or go on a poetry evening. Do you like playing video games? Take part in the tournament. Do you like to draw? Go to the open air.

So it will be easier for you to expand your circle of contacts with people who share your hobbies. By the way, we already gave advice on how to make friends in this way, but you can also meet a girl with whom you can quickly and easily find a common language.

  1. Practice communicating with strangers

Talking with a beautiful girl in a bar or entering a circle of strangers and taking part in a conversation requires advanced social skills. Start small. To become more sociable, you need to learn how to slowly expand your comfort zone.

Use any opportunities for communication training. Have a couple of phrases with a barista girl who makes coffee or the one waiting for the same bus as you. Consider parties or corporate parties as an opportunity to talk there with people you know who you have never really talked to before.

  1. Change your behavior during a conversation

The ability to be an eloquent and pleasant conversationalist is a skill that is quite realistic to acquire if you want and make some efforts. Speak loud and clear so that the girls don’t have to listen to understand you. It also demonstrates your confidence in them.

Smile more often. There is no person in the world who does not like an honest smile. Practice smiling in front of the mirror until you get used to it and your smile starts to look natural.

When you are talking with a girl, ask open-ended questions so that the conversation does not go in cycles in the answers “yes” or “no”, and follow the answers. Everyone likes it when they are carefully listened and heard.

  1. Do not be afraid of beautiful girls

Girls have their own world, full of fears and complexes, just like guys. A spectacular beauty can be wonderful, but also very shy.

Never think of anyone that she is “too good for you.” Yes, there is always a chance that they will refuse to make acquaintance with you, but if you don’t even try to talk to the girl you like (or write to her), you will most likely eliminate not only the risk of refusal, but also the possibility that you will begin to communicate .

  1. Do not control yourself all the time

Many people need alcohol or nicotine to become self-confident with women. Why? They simply eliminate the block inside the head that makes them control themselves all the time. However, this can be achieved without the help of various stimulants.

Turn off self-censorship because it is useless. Just enjoy talking with the girls without questioning everything you say a million times. Do not be afraid of silence. Do not forget about the rules of good manners and decency, but at the same time being yourself is not as difficult as it seems.

You will see – as soon as you relax, communication with interesting girls instead of stress will begin to bring you pleasure!

By Cindy
June 3, 2020

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