WHO: The majority of patients with COVID-19 completely recovers

The treatment of noncommunicable diseases has been complicated since the coronavirus pandemic has started. The results of the study which showed it were published on Monday by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A study conducted in 155 countries over a three-week period in May confirmed that problems are observed around the world, but the most affected are low-income countries. The situation caused a  great concern as people with noncommunicable diseases are at a higher risk of severe COVID-19.

“The results of the study confirm what we have heard from many countries over the past few weeks,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adan Gebreyesus. “Many people who need treatment for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have not received the necessary medical services and medicines since the coronavirus pandemic has started.”

The main conclusion of specialists is that health services was completely or partially stopped in many countries. Thus, according to the research, in more than half of the countries (53%) medical assistance was suspended for people suffering from hypertension; in 49% of countries, for diabetics and people suffering from diabetes-related complications; in 42% of countries – with cancer, in 31% of countries – for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The main reasons were the lack of staff, the suspension of public transport and the lack of drugs and medical equipment.

In addition, the survey showed that in 63% of countries the provision of rehabilitation services was disrupted, although rehabilitation is one of the key steps for the recovery of COVID-19 patients.

“It is crucial for the countries to can find innovative approaches to continue providing noncommunicable disease treatment services even during the fight against COVID-19,” said Tedros Adan Gebreyesus, commenting on the results of the research.

The majority of patients with the COVID-19 completely recovers

Most infected with a new coronavirus infection are fully recover. This was announced on Monday at a press conference by the expert of the World Health Organization (WHO) Maria van Kerkkhove.

According to her, after infection with coronavirus millions of patients have recovered. “We monitor their condition,” she said. “For today, we know that most of the recoveries have recovered completely without any consequences,” the expert added, emphasizing that patients with severe pneumonia or toxic shock “may recover longer.”

“We will monitor their condition,” she assured, expressing hope that WHO “will be able to provide more information in the future.” on this issue.

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June 2, 2020

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