The very moment when once again the concept of a “real man” is destroyed by common sense.

According to a widespread (and erroneous) opinion, a “real man” in the eyes of a woman should be incredibly brave, strong, fearless and rude.

However, if you ask the women themselves what qualities a man should have, their answers are unlikely to correspond to the stereotypical concept of a “real man.”

This was revealed thanks to two polls in which more than a thousand girls from 21 to 54 years old took part.

Surveys showed that girls value a man’s personality more than his physical attractiveness. Of all the participants surveyed, only 13% said that the main factor in physical attractiveness is a muscular body. At the same time, 66% of girls said that they are crazy about the high moral qualities of men.

Thus, the researchers identified 20 major characteristics that women value in men.


Loyalty, reliability, kindness (by the way, 67% of women called this quality exciting), moral integrity and the desire to be a father.

Personality features

A sense of humor, intelligence, passion (meaning the general level of enthusiasm, rather than a constant desire for intimacy), self-confidence and generosity.

Practical skills

Listening skills (53%), romance, the ability to be a good lover, cooking and cleaning skills, and the ability to earn money.

Physical characteristics

Style, beauty, growth, muscular physique (13%), good physical shape (12%).

Despite the fact that meeting all these points at once may not be so simple, it is important to understand that not one of them requires you to be the very “real man”. That is, to please a girl, you don’t have to walk all the time with a formidable face and tear your shirt on your biceps.

By Cindy
June 1, 2020

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