Do you want everything to go perfectly?

How exactly the first time to kiss a girl on the lips is extremely important, because this is a transition to a new level, and if you do everything correctly and in a timely manner, then this kiss will make your relationship stronger and closer.

Therefore, it is quite natural if the day before you are a little nervous (or even a lot) and want everything to go as it should.

This guide will definitely help you make this moment special, but we want to remind you that, alas, there is no magic and universal formula for how to kiss for the first time. Since each person and situation is unique, you will also have to improvise a bit.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that the right moment is everything. Kissing a girl for the first time is exciting, and you probably expect this, but try not to force things.

Wait until you are sure that she wants it, and be on the alert so as not to watch this ideal moment. In the end, if your relationship develops further, then you will want it to be pleasant to remember about this first time in the future.

All you need to do to do this is to follow simple instructions.

Step 1: Flirt With Her

If you want to kiss a girl, then I advise you to start with a light flirt. Let’s say you are in correspondence with her – send her an emoji kiss between her affairs and see what she answers to this. When you walk together, gently and carefully touch her hand at the right time. If she does not move away, then you are on the right track.

After you flirt with her for a while, she should (hopefully) begin to answer you the same. Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether a girl is flirting with you or just friendly, so do not take a smile as a sure sign that she is ready to go to the next level.

We advise you to study the unexpected signs of a girl’s interest in you and collect as much data as possible in order to be sure that your sympathy is mutual. Once you can confidently say that everything is moving in a romantic direction, it’s time to take the next step.

Step 2: look after her

Although all the girls are very different and not all of them are enthusiastic about the “classic romance”, but we are sure that during the conversation with the “same”, you managed to find out a little, including what she likes.

Invite her to some special place for both of you and act like a gentleman. This does not mean that you should put it on a pedestal and act like a character in a movie – it will look strange and even stupid. Be sincere and a little more charming than usual. Try to be polite and gallant, but at the same time remain yourself.

Step 3: create the right atmosphere

The “special” place that we mentioned in the previous paragraph can be anything nice – from a quiet pond where you will sail in a boat under the stars to a sports platform during the decisive match of your favorite team. The choice is yours.

But no matter where exactly you end up, your goal is to let the girl know that you are interested in kissing her. Soon she will find out what you are up to, so don’t try to hide it.

If you invited her to a secluded and quiet place, you can bring candles with you or turn on the music or just look into her eyes for a long time and gently. As an option, you can still straighten her hair, or first gently and carefully kiss her on the cheek … There can be plenty of options – act according to circumstances.

Step 4: tell her how you feel

By this stage, it should be completely clear that there is something more than friendship between you. It’s time to start whispering nice and romantic phrases. Let her know how much she means to you and how fun and interesting it is with her.

If she answers the same, you will probably have a “green light” for the kiss. If not, she may need more time, or she just likes you as a friend. There is nothing wrong with this, so do not insist. Never think that you “deserve” her kiss, otherwise you will never get it. Of course, if you have come this far, the odds are in your favor.

Step 5: go to the kiss

So, you have expressed your affection for each other. Now comes the coolest part. At this point, both of you are probably overwhelmed with emotions, so the kiss is likely to happen by itself. If not, then a good option would be to ask her if you can kiss her now. Sometimes being direct is the easiest and most effective approach.

Now it’s time for a kiss. It’s better not to think too much about it, otherwise you risk being nervous and starting to behave unnaturally. Meet her gaze and begin to slowly move towards her. If she moves toward you, it will happen. When your faces get close to each other, close your eyes and gently kiss her on the lips.

But please, do not go crazy and do not start to stick your tongue in her throat. Now you are just checking the water. After the kiss, if she looks happy, you can decide on the second – more passionate.

The second time you can add a little language. But for the first kiss – the smaller, the better (if everything goes as it should, you will have many more passionate kisses ahead). In the meantime, use only the tip of the tongue and watch her response.

Step 6: make her kiss you for the first time

The biggest mistake you can make is to kiss a girl who does not want or is not ready to kiss you in return. With that in mind, often the best approach is to get her to kiss you.

Now you are probably wondering how to do this. Of course, there is no special “kiss button” that activates her desire to clutch her lips, so you have to try to make this happen.

In principle, you can follow the steps that we have listed above. The only difference is that when you get to the moment when the kiss seems inevitable, you wait for her to take the first step.

This option is perfect for the situation when you are with a girl who seems to prefer not to rush, and you do not want to seem energetic or aggressive to her.

Step 7: use hints

When you kiss a girl for the first time, your head may begin to spin at a speed of a million kilometers per hour. Therefore, it is useful to study tips in advance and in a calm environment on how to do this cool.

  1. Do not be zealous

Billions of people all over the world are kissing every day, and many of them are kissing right now. You do what is one of the greatest parts of human experience. Enjoy it and don’t make the kiss more complicated than it should be.

  1. Start slowly

You are not running a hundred meters, and nothing is burning anywhere. So relax and take your time. Do not forget the boundaries, and let it dictate how far you can go. The fastest way to turn a sweet mood into an acidic one is to be too pushy.

  1. Keep your mouth shut

One of the most common mistakes of the first kiss is to use the language too much. Keep this thing under control and “raise the degree” after she does it. This first time, let her be the leader and agree to be led. It is in your interests.

  1. Close your eyes

If she looks at you and sees that you are staring at her, it will be awkward.

  1. Be confident in your breath.

The importance of fresh mint breath cannot be overemphasized. But please, do not chew the gum and do not spray into the mouth with a spray right in front of the girl’s eyes – try to take care of this in advance.

Well, you’re ready! I wish you good luck, and let it be truly great and unforgettable for both of you!

By Cindy
May 31, 2020

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