If all points agree, then it is the same.

Most of the materials about the relationship between a man and a woman are devoted to shortcomings or disturbing signals that indicate that you should not be together. For example, about mistakes on the first date or about the main signs that you are not interested in her, or you need to leave.

Thus, you already know pretty well how to do it, but can you determine if your companion is right for you?

To answer this question, I have collected six main signs that you have found a girl whom you can call “the same”.

  1. As soon as something happens to you, first you tell her about it

Have you just been promoted or want to praise for a successful project at work? Perhaps you became aware that your department is waiting for mass layoffs? Whatever it is, if the first thing you are used to reporting everything to your girlfriend is a good sign.

The fact is that when you find the “same” person, you want to share with him everything that happens to you. So, you are hoping to share your joy with him, or to find support during difficult life situations.

  1. You can remain yourself with her

Usually, when you go on a first date with someone, you try to show yourself from a better perspective in order to impress your potential partner. When you find yourself a suitable couple, you discard this mask and behave as if you were alone at home.

That is, you grunt when you laugh, complain about everyone around after a working day, or eat your dinner, not being afraid that a piece of meat will fall awkwardly from your fork. In a word, you become yourself, and do not try to seem like who you are not.

This is because you accept each other for who you are. You do not need to make a false impression, because you have already proved everything long ago.

  1. Most of the problems you manage to solve without quarrels and scandals

A good partner knows that good communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Therefore, even when you come into conflict with each other, you both try to resolve it without unnecessary emotions and unnecessary insults.

Instead of running away from the problem and protecting yourself from it in every possible way, your girlfriend is trying to resolve it peacefully and not leave behind unresolved issues.

This is manifested in calm and respectful intonations, as well as in a straightforward and delicate approach when choosing words. After all, sometimes it’s easier to scream, turn away and take offense, than try to resolve everything calmly and without abuse.

  1. In disputes, she may yield to you, and you to her

All couples quarrel – this is completely normal. However, regardless of the cause of a particular dispute, in a healthy relationship, each partner must have one thought: “We are in the same team.”

Therefore, if a couple started arguing about how to park better, where it is more profitable to buy furniture or what to do on the weekend, both are focused not on winning the “debate”, but on resolving a common problem.

Despite the fact that it is always nice to be in a winning position, in a healthy relationship one person can give way to another just to make it pleasant. No offense.

Moreover, your person is always ready to admit his guilt. And this is very important.

  1. Your close friends think she suits you

As it usually happens, close friends accompany you throughout your life and follow the history of your relationship, where there were a lot of dramatic and happy moments.

Therefore, they are often aware of your relationship with the opposite sex no worse than yourself. This makes them very skilled in the compatibility issues between you and the girls.

Despite the fact that your friends may not be considered absolute authorities for you in personal matters, they can give you some useful advice that is worth considering.

  1. You proudly call her your girlfriend

In the end, if she really suits you, you are simply proud that she is next to you, and she, in turn, experiences the same feelings.

Falling in love is wonderful, but when you are in love with someone who fills your life with meaning – this is a completely different feeling.

By Cindy
May 30, 2020

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