Disease-threatening coronavirus vaccine reported by immunologist

Professor Jacob Berkun, the head of the department of one of the largest hospitals in Israel, Hadassah Ar-Tsofim, warned that the planned rapid mass introduction of vaccines against coronavirus, which Russians can start mass vaccination in early autumn, poses unexpected dangers.

According to the Israeli immunologist, at present, already about ten laboratories around the world have moved to the stage of human studies, and the most interesting have been the studies of scientists from the People’s Republic of China, where the epidemic of a new coronavirus infection broke out.

During the first phase of the tests, scientists test the vaccine on a small group of people, and Chinese researchers managed to achieve positive results, despite the small side effects of the subjects.

The professor emphasized that modern scientific technologies can reduce the period of human trials and safety checks of vaccines to several months, although similar experiments had lasted for years.

Due to the reduction in the period of testing the vaccine for efficacy and safety and the rapid introduction into mass use, the risk of side effects increases significantly.

As an example, Jacob Berkun cited mass vaccination against rotavirus in Israel several years ago. The rush with the introduction of the drug led to the fact that patients developed severe gastroenteritis and other side diseases.

“Now everyone is in such a hurry, but it’s very important to know what will happen next,” the doctor said.

By Cindy
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May 29, 2020

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