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A kiss is always a way to demonstrate your feelings, but the types of kisses on the lips and other parts of the body are very diverse – we kiss not only lovers, but also relatives, children, friends and sometimes even beloved animals.

But, even speaking exclusively about romantic kisses, it turns out that they are different (I counted as many as eight species) and each has its own meaning. I propose to understand these nuances.

I am sure – it will not be superfluous!

Have you ever thought about what kind of kisses are, and what message each of them carries? Despite the fact that this action seems natural and universal, people have identified several varieties of kisses, each of which is suitable for different situations and purposes.

  1. Air kiss

The most “innocent” kind of kiss, which is suitable both for flirting and for saying goodbye or greeting with family or friends. And a kiss is a great way to demonstrate your affection and what you miss when communicating with a lover who is far away for some reason. Send her kisses during the video chat, and she will certainly smile and do the same in return.

  1. Hand kiss

A formal kiss, which traditionally did not imply a romantic feeling for the lady you kiss your hand with, is just a polite gesture of respect.

However, times have changed, and now kissing your hand can be a great way to delicately and unusually show your interest in a girl and do it extremely sensually, but at the same time tactfully and unobtrusively – her reaction will let you know if you can take the next step. Only I strongly do not recommend trying to kiss the hands of all women when they meet – such a violation of personal boundaries can be very unpleasant. Do this only with that girl with whom you have already had a mutual sympathy.

  1. A kiss on the forehead

Although a simple kiss on the forehead can not be called hot and promising, but it is touching and gentle. Someone special is usually kissed on the forehead, and he demonstrates care and intimacy. Even if in this way someone checks to see if your temperature has risen (yes, you need to check the temperature with your lips and not with your hand).

  1. A kiss on the cheek

In many cultures, a kiss on the cheek – a traditional way to show one’s good disposition to someone without any romantic context — kiss relatives and friends on the cheek as a greeting or goodbye. The main condition is to be 100% sure that a person is not embarrassed by the fact that you are entering his (or her) personal space.

  1. Smack

A quick and short kiss on the lips is one of the good ways to kiss the girl you like for the first time. He is both timid and not as frank as French, so they can “probe” the soil in order to finally be convinced of its reciprocity and, depending on the answer, move on to more “serious” kisses.

And you should not forget about this cute and simple kiss when you are in a relationship with a girl: you can kiss her goodbye or in a public place to gently remind you of your feelings.

  1. Eskimo kiss

This funny kind of kiss does not include lips – the couple rubs their noses against each other. This may seem strange to someone, but often it speaks of a special degree of closeness between lovers and can easily become your “trick”, the presence of which will strengthen your connection. It’s also a great way to tell your beloved “it’s fun and good for me” without words.

  1. Kiss on the lips

A kiss on the lips is traditionally considered a sign that the couple is in a relationship. The version without language is suitable both for the first stage of attraction, and for all subsequent ones.

Traditionally, this kind of intimacy is usually underestimated, but it, meanwhile, can be no less erotic and signaling desire than a French kiss. He can also have many different techniques – from the gentle “grabbing” of the partner’s upper lip with his lips to the light biting of the lower one.

  1. A kiss on the neck

But, of course, when the degree begins to rise, only lips can not do. By the way, we already wrote about the places where every girl wants to be kissed. A kiss on the neck is a great prelude, and its meaning can be interpreted as “I want you”, “you are mine” and … “are you free in a couple of minutes?”.

By Cindy
May 28, 2020

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