Scientists say the time after which the patient with COVID-19 is not contagious

Singaporean scientists concluded that patients with coronavirus cease to be infectious 11 days after the onset of symptoms of COVID-19.

According to researchers, analyzes of recovering patients may indicate the presence of infection, but it is no longer dangerous to others.

Scientists also believe that tests detect only part of the genome of the virus, but are not able to establish its viability and the possibility of transmission to another person.

Enough evidence has already been obtained that the patient ceases to be contagious 11 days after the onset of symptoms of coronavirus. There are exceptions, for example, to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or patients taking certain immune preparations after organ transplantation.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese laboratory is developing a drug that, according to experts, can stop the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, scientists from the University of Lethbridge in Canada test the hypothesis that marijuana is able to prevent the infection of human body cells with coronavirus.

By Cindy
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May 27, 2020

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