Today, a real man is far from the same crazy guy who plays in all films Jason State, who speaks with bass, understands all types of repairs and tries to keep his emotions to himself, walking around with a stone face.

If you are interested in the point of view of women, a real man does not have to be eternally brutal, rude and uncompromising. For the most part, their ideas about masculine qualities disagree with the stereotypical concept of “real man,” and now you will find out how much.

In order to draw a portrait of a real man, I took the data from two surveys in which more than a thousand girls from 21 to 54 years old took part.

Thus, the researchers deduced the main male qualities, which were divided into four categories. So there they are.

The qualities of a real man from the point of view of a woman
It is curious that according to the results of the survey it turned out: among girls, a man’s personality is much more valued than his physical attractiveness. That is, if you go to the gym every day, but at the same time you are a “so-so-man”, you are unlikely to be successful among women.

First of all, you should have a few chips that, according to women, are advantages. Such, for example, as:

  1. Fidelity

Unfortunately, not all men, just like women, know how to be faithful to each other. In the era of online dating services, where you can swipe partners right and left, there is a huge temptation to commit treason. And many people are likened to it.

Thus, one of the main signs of a real man is his devotion, and if you possess him, you will be much more likely to build a happy union with the lady of your heart.

  1. Reliability

In simple words, reliability is the ability of a person to justify the hope that you can rely on him at any time. That is, a reliable man will not betray, will not fail, you can trust him, share the innermost with the confidence that he will not tell anyone about it, and so on.

  1. Kindness

Obviously, few people like evil people, so many girls have chosen kindness as one of the key character traits of a real man. Moreover, 67% of the survey participants said that this quality is also quite exciting.

  1. Moral integrity

Another important characteristic of a real man was moral integrity, which includes stable ideas about good and evil, conscience, honor, justice, and so on.

Naturally, a man’s moral self-awareness should not be villainous so that he can adequately evaluate his actions and the actions of other people.

  1. The desire to be a father

Do not worry, not every girl wants children and requires a man as soon as possible paternity. In this context, the desire to be a father is interpreted as a willingness to take on the role of a parent, followed by patience and care for the child.

Therefore, you should not immediately tell the girl you liked that you hate children and would never agree to babysit them. Not everyone will like this position.

In addition to all of the above, the girls also noted the personal characteristics of men who attracted them the most. Among them were:

  1. Sense of humor

Imagine a person without a sense of humor. Most likely, it will become difficult for you to talk with him after ten minutes of communication. After all, one of the main components of a sense of humor is self-irony, which gives ease to interaction with the outside world.

Thus, the girls see the real man as funny and funny, and you should definitely practice this if you suddenly take everything too seriously.

  1. Intelligence

Let’s be honest: it is unlikely that someone will be pleased to talk with the gopnik, who wears shoes with sweatpants and drinks beer from a plastic one and a half, while taking a drag on a cigarette.

Naturally, such an exaggeration was made for artistic expressiveness (those who wear sports shoes are unlikely to remain), but remember that intelligence is another main quality of a real man that needs to be educated.

  1. Passion

This point is not about a constant desire for intimacy and too frequent flirting, but about the general level of enthusiasm of a man.

That is, passionate is considered to be one who loves his job and actively seeks to achieve career results, who loves his girlfriend and always wants to do something nice for her, who has an active citizenship and is not indifferent to what is happening in society, and so on .

  1. Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a characteristic of a serious man who is hard to confuse, forcing him to retreat from his intended goal and doubt his strength.

By the way, we even have a separate guide on how to become self-confident. If you lack this quality, you will surely find some useful tips there.

  1. Generosity

Few people like stingy people, especially if they have to deal with them. According to most women, a real man should be generous, and we support this position as much as possible.

  1. The ability to listen

There is a category of people who need an interlocutor just to talk. Very often it’s hard for them to listen to someone simply because other people’s problems and worries do not bother them.

However, in the relationship between a man and a woman, listening is almost a paramount skill of both. Without this, it is very difficult to solve joint problems and support each other. Therefore, girls appreciate this skill in men almost most of all.

  1. Romance

If you and romance are two incompatible things, then you need to do something about it. Of course, you don’t have to have a rose in your jacket pocket all the time, but for the evening you have grandiose plans. However, you still need to learn some basic foundations of romance.

  1. The ability to be a good lover

Finally, we got to the question that worried you the most. Yes, in bed, girls need a good lover who can give pleasure not only to themselves, but also to them.

  1. Cooking and cleaning skills

Now real men have not brought a deer home from hunting for a long time and should not force their wives to do all the household chores at once.

Now many housewives share their responsibilities equally, so the cooking and cleaning skills of men are now in price.

  1. The ability to earn

If you do not live in the forest, then you must be able to earn a living in society. This does not mean that you also need to provide a girl (here you will act by agreement). Just women appreciate when men have their own business, which brings them income.

  1. A sense of style

If you’re a tough, inflated guy, but wear sandals with socks, maybe not all girls will appreciate it. The fact is that for most women it is important not only how a man looks without clothes, so try to put your bow in order.

  1. Beauty

Beauty is a subjective concept, and each girl is guided by her own criteria. However, this does not negate the fact that, for example, many consider Brad Pitt or the same Johnny Depp to be attractive. Many of these guys will be called objectively beautiful.

A real man just has to take care of his hygiene and not get involved in a destructive lifestyle. Then his attractiveness will be appreciated by more girls.

  1. Growth

The girls could not help but mention the growth. This is also a rather individual parameter, but it is still of key importance in choosing the very man of their heart.

The fact is that many girls are uncomfortable if a man is below their height. Well, there’s nothing to be done about it.

  1. Fit

Here you can take an example from Arnold and pump up. Many girls will appreciate it.

By Cindy
May 27, 2020

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