A country free of coronavirus has appeared in Europe

In Montenegro, all patients who were infected with the new coronavirus recovered. There were no active cases of the disease in the country. This was announced on Twitter by the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro.

The total number of patients since the onset of the outbreak is 324. Of these, 315 recovered, 9 died. 68 days have passed since the first recorded case of COVID-19 in Montenegro until the last patient recovered.

On May 23, the country’s laboratories analyzed 140 respiratory samples; there was not a single new case of the virus among them. The Office thanked the people of the country for their perseverance and support.

The population of Montenegro is approximately 631 thousand people. In this country, the last in Europe to detect coronavirus – the first case was registered on March 17. Two days before this – March 15 – Montenegro banned the entry into the country of all foreign citizens, except those with a residence permit. The authorities also introduced mandatory self-isolation for everyone entering Montenegro, closed all hotels and restaurants, and a restriction on the number of customers was introduced in stores.

Since May 4, quarantine measures have been phased out in the country, and hotels and beaches have opened since May 18. The government hopes that tourism can be fully launched in August-September.

By Cindy
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May 25, 2020

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