Remember these rules if you want to really like a girl.

In the hope of attracting a girl to themselves and moving from “to business” conversations, guys often go too far. Their flirting becomes more like Casanova’s unsuccessfully played role, which looks as unnatural as possible and repels her interlocutor. Such communication causes not only awkwardness and laughter, but in some cases more unpleasant sensations, which I want to get rid of quickly.

To begin with, it is worth noting that flirting with a girl for the sake of fleeting intimacy or a long-term relationship is really not an easy thing. If you think about it, in the world there is practically no adequate guidance on how to flirt properly. Basically, the guys get all the knowledge about this from movies or video lessons from ridiculous pick-ups.

So that flirting does not become a nightmare, I identified four main mistakes that must be avoided so as not to be sent to hell.

How and where is it not necessary to flirt?

Before I announce the promised mistakes, it is worth noting that flirting is not appropriate everywhere. For example, in the workplace with colleagues.

In a professional setting, such behavior can be at least unethical and can truly spoil a person’s working mood. Moreover, persistent flirting can even lead to conflict or leave psychological trauma.

Therefore, flirting at work is a very dubious undertaking, which is only relevant if you are sure that your colleague wants it herself.

Another common problem during flirting is banal pretense. If you feel insecure and want to pretend to be Don Juan, who you are not, most likely you are doomed to failure. The girl will immediately notice your pretense and excitement, so better communicate in a manner that seems natural to you.

Now let’s say that you are in a situation where flirting is appropriate. For example, in a bar, club or at some social event. This is what you should avoid in order not to seem like a jerk.

  1. DO NOT be too romantic

This does not mean that when meeting a girl you need to stand with a stone physiognomy and try to suppress your emotions as much as possible. However, one should not start a conversation with feigned admiration, which is accompanied by a gentle voice and excessive complementarity.

Naturally, for many guys, the ultimate goal of flirting is to find a long-term relationship, but you are unlikely to meet someone who, from the very first minutes of meeting you, wants romance and a happy old age with you.

In addition, too flattering and romantic approach also repels because few people need flirting during flirting. When you say: “God, you are so beautiful and amazing that I can’t take my eyes off you,” you get the feeling that you are looking at the girl from the bottom up. It is best that your conversation be on an equal footing.

  1. DO NOT Be Too Lustful

Actively declaring your sexual desires as well as being too romantic is a rather disastrous decision during flirting. If excessive admiration can still be justified by the fact that you are a gentleman of the old school, then lascivious remarks cannot be justified by anything. Most likely, they will instantly and irrevocably make you a jerk in her eyes.

Despite the fact that sexual attraction is one of the key motives to start flirting with a girl, you should not talk about it openly and unceremoniously. Moreover, do not touch it without demand. Despite the fact that many pickups advise, after just a few minutes of communication, it is easy to touch the shoulder of the interlocutor in order to position her to herself, this is actually a very bad idea.

The fact is that for many girls, such touches can signal that you are not able to adhere to boundaries and in general is far from the basics of social interaction.

  1. Try not to behave obsessively (especially online)

The reality is that most dating has become digital. People meet, flirt, fall in love with each other, talk, quarrel and break up with the help of gadgets. And there are no signs that this trend will fade into the background for the foreseeable future.

However, no matter how convenient online dating services are, they have also become a source of a whole new set of problems, especially when it comes to flirting. For example, many guys become too intrusive online and literally terrorize girls with their messages. This, as you might guess, is an absolutely disastrous strategy that you should never use.

The pickup culture has turned flirting into manipulative behavior designed to trick someone, not interest. It is worth remembering that the process of flirting is a process of seduction, which includes mutual interest. Therefore, if you are obviously not answered with sympathy, you should not knock on all social networks and try to achieve the location of the girl. No means no.

  1. Do not be too demanding

If you are flirting with a girl you don’t know, you should not expect anything from her at all. Your communication should be easy and relaxed, it is important to remember that your interlocutor does not owe you anything.

The main thing in flirting is to be calm and consistent. No need to rush things and wait for something special from the girl. Your relationship should develop gradually and naturally, then perhaps this will grow into something more.

By Cindy
May 24, 2020

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