Try to avoid them if you want her to really come back.

“The Return of the Ex” – sounds like a mission in one of the action-packed shooters, where you have to be extremely careful and not let the enemies shoot you. In approximately the same way in life – reuniting with an ex-girlfriend can be a very difficult task, which must be approached delicately and wisely.

First of all, you need to clearly understand your intentions. Do you want to meet her again because you realized that you can make a strong union or you are just sad and lonely, and she can save you from this?

If this is the last option, then you can not establish relationships with an ex-girlfriend in any case. But if the first, then you are definitely here.

So, here are five major mistakes that you do not have to make on the way to renewing relationships with former love. Try to avoid them, and you will be together again.

  1. Do not force events

You can’t just take and resume relations with the former. To start your reunion, you need to determine the ideal time, which will depend on many factors. For example, the nature and circumstances of your break. That is, if you broke up recently, it’s still too early to think about how to restore relations.

Important: It is also worth considering which of you was the initiator of the breakup. For example, if it was you, you shouldn’t pull with an apology and the beginning of communication. If it was her, you need to wait a while to give her a little bored. Believe me, she’s unlikely to want to talk about some kind of resumption of relations, if you broke up just a week ago on her initiative.

  1. Do not involve her family and friends here

You probably think that talking with her brother or girlfriend can somehow positively affect your relationship with her. However, this approach is likely to have negative consequences.

Even if you think that the girl’s friends and family are on your side, there is a big risk that they will tell her everything. Moreover, her reaction to this news may not be the most pleasant.

Moreover, imagine a situation where someone instead of you will beg her to give you another chance. From the outside, it may look as if you are manipulating her relatives for your own benefit.

  1. No need to write her drunk

Since starting to correspond in social networks with the former is already a risky undertaking in itself, making it drunk is much more dangerous.

Everyone knows that after a certain amount of drink we stop filtering what has been written or written. Moreover, it is difficult for us to concentrate, which will certainly affect our speech, even written.

Thus, your ex will be able to very quickly understand that you are drunk, in a desperate situation, and the very next day you will apologize for everything that you said last night.

It is necessary to avoid such situations, because at the moment you need to show yourself worthy, and not once again fall in her eyes.

  1. Forget about aggressive gestures in her direction

Even if you’ve seen in movies and TV shows plots where guys do desperate things to get their girls back (for example, stand with a boombox in front of their windows), you don’t need to do that.

From early childhood, we have the idea that if we desperately seek the heart of a beloved, she will eventually understand that we truly love her and with great enthusiasm will agree to come back. However, in real life, very often such gestures repel even more.

Everything is quite simple: you should not fight for the heart of someone who does not want to be fought for.

  1. Do not ignore her feelings

Relations are always reciprocity, so no matter how desperately you want your ex to come back to you, you need to see this desire in her as well.

If she makes it clear to you that there can be no talk about any renewal of the relationship, then you must accept this and step back. Perseverance very often does not lead to anything good.

By Cindy
May 23, 2020

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