The Americans said they created a vaccine against COVID-19. Ahead of the final test phase

Moderna, a US biotechnology company, has reported successful clinical trials of a new coronavirus vaccine. Clinical trial participants were divided into groups and received different doses of the vaccine. In those who received the lowest dose, antibodies developed in about the same amount as in people who had COVID-19. Those who received a large dose had much more antibodies than cured patients.

Tests of the drug, in which 45 people participated, began on March 16 at a research center in Seattle (Washington). They were conducted jointly by Moderna and specialists from the US National Institutes of Health. In July, researchers intend to begin the third phase of testing. If it is successful, they will apply for a license.

In addition to Moderna, vaccines in the United States are being tested by Inovio Pharmaceuticals and Pfizer, a partnership with Biontech, a German company. Major pharmaceutical manufacturer Johnson & Johnson plans to start testing its vaccine in September.

By Cindy
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May 20, 2020

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