So, you were abandoned. Good news: you can handle it. And soon.

Finishing a relationship is always difficult, and even if this did not happen on your initiative, it can be completely unbearable.

I have already given advice on how to forget your ex-lover, which helps in the long term, but maybe the express method is also useful to you, in order to cope with the first wave of emotions in 24 hours or less.

Before I get to the tips, I want to say right away that you might be together again, but on the initiative of the girl, on the first day after the break, it’s better to take a deep breath, exhale and … pull yourself together.

  1. Do not write to her (I know you want, but do not)

Stories that someone wrote to their ex right after the breakup, and she changed her mind in an instant, maybe true, but more often such impulses only worsen the situation for you and for her.

You talked, and she made it clear that it’s over? Do not try to entreat her back with prayers – it’s better to turn off all your devices for a few hours in order to overcome the temptation to write something touching or angry to her in the first rush. Wait until the emotions settle down, and then return to this thought on a sober head.

  1. Allow yourself to cry (but not for long)

You don’t have to be Iron Man. Stop living with stereotypes that men don’t cry. Tears are not a sign of weakness, but a reaction to stress, which we should not try to restrain. Everyone feels a little better after a good cry. Think of it as a cleansing ritual to free yourself from all the old stresses associated with relationships.

But there are nuances: for this to work, you must do this not only in solitude, but also limit yourself in time. Say one hour. The less time you have to cry, the more emotions you put into your tears. Lock yourself up, let yourself vent your emotions, but then continue to live.

  1. Block and delete

Are you going to try this “let’s just be friends”? We strongly recommend not to do this, even if everything ended amicably. When you have enough strength to turn on the phone again, block it and delete the history of correspondence.

This will not only help you move on, but also eliminate the temptation to re-read your old messages full of sentimental and gentle things that will hurt you. You’re not a masochist, are you?

  1. Switch

Distraction is the key to bridging the gap. But just let it not be something passive, because then your mind will reflect on what happened while your body is trying to do something else.

You must be fully involved in activities that require mental and physical effort. Find what you are interested in and what will require maximum return and concentration from you, and do it.

  1. Do not talk about it.

Divulging details of why you broke up will only keep you in the past. Instead, talk to other people about them. By focusing on yourself, you create a cycle of doubt, anxiety, and reflection.

Nothing came of it. It is a fact. There is no turning back. If your ex understands that she made a mistake, she will contact you. Your task now is to make its decision and minimize your suffering from the current situation.

  1. Don’t let this gap destroy your faith in love

Everything passes … then you know. The problem is not with you. Are you okay. Even excellent, even though you don’t believe it now. Maybe your ex is a good person, or attractive, or smart, or all at once, but this does not mean that she is the best person for you.

If something did not work for the two of you, this does not mean that you are doomed to a lonely life. In any case, now you are one step closer to being with your soul mate!

Being thrown is unpleasant, but it does not have to last long. Just keep being yourself, move forward, meet new people and don’t forget to smile at the world. Let the pain from the gap calm down, and then resume the search for the one with which this instruction is not useful.

By Cindy
In Other
May 20, 2020

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