The head of WHO told what percentage of the population has antibodies to coronavirus

Most of the world’s population remains susceptible to coronavirus. This was announced on May 18 by WHO Director-General Tedros Adan Gebreyesus, speaking at the opening of the 73rd annual session of the World Health Assembly.

Early serological studies provide a clear picture: even in the regions most affected by the pandemic, the proportion of the population with antibodies [to coronavirus] is no more than 20 percent, and in most places less than 10 percent. That is, the majority of the world’s population remains susceptible to this virus, – said the head of the organization.

He warned that the risk of [becoming infected] remains high and there is still a long way to go.

“Six months ago, it was impossible to imagine that the largest cities in the world would become so quiet that shops, restaurants, schools would close, jobs would disappear, travel would stop, and a simple handshake could be life threatening.” In less than five months, a pandemic has swept the world, ”he said.

According to the latest data, 4.76 million people were infected with coronavirus in the world, 316 thousand died, 1.75 million patients recovered.

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May 19, 2020

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