Scientists in the US said they found an antibody blocking coronavirus in the body

Scientists at Sorrento Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company in the United States, have discovered an antibody that can completely block the coronavirus and remove it from the human body within three days.

Specialists studied many antibodies and came to the conclusion that one of them called STI-1499 is able to protect human cells from infection with coronavirus. The principle of the antibody lies in its ability to “envelop” the virus and remove from the body.

“We emphasize that this is a medicine. We found a solution that works 100%, ”said Henry G.

The scientist noted that so far the tests were carried out only in laboratory conditions, so while the company can not begin to develop drugs. In this case, if the drug is used for treatment, quarantine restrictions can be removed, the specialist said.

“If we have a neutralizing antibody in the body, social distance will not be needed,” the expert explained.

In early May, Dutch and German scientists at Utrecht University developed a monoclonal antibody that can defeat COVID-19 in the laboratory.

During the study, scientists were able to synthesize an experimental antibody, that is, proteins that are similar to those that produce human immune cells. Specialists came to the conclusion that such antibodies recognize a specific area of ​​the pathogen and act on it.

At the same time, scientists said that the antibody can not be used in the development of drugs, since it must first be tested on animals and humans. Experts assured that in the future, the development will be able to prevent infection or cure infected COVID-19, as well as cope with diseases associated with or caused by coronavirus.

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May 18, 2020

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