There will be no cheap pickup tips.

If you have been thinking long and hard about how to interest a girl you like, but you have absolutely no ideas in your head, you have come to the right place.

Many articles on this topic contain ineffective tips on how to attract the attention of a stranger on the street, using all sorts of dubious tricks, from the series “approach her, give a compliment and touch her shoulder”. Even if such techniques once worked, now such an approach can quite reasonably be regarded as harassment. Acquaintance on the street should take place in a completely different scenario, the details of which we once painted in one of our materials.

In the same article, I decided to focus on how to attract the attention of a girl who you like and who you have known for some time. Surely you are aware that this is often a very difficult task (especially when you have already been well recognized)

How to attract the girl’s attention to yourself and stay with it

So, let’s start with a basis, mastering which you will have much less problems communicating with the opposite sex (if only because you will feel more confident than now).

  1. Read books

If at school it seemed to many of us that skipping classes, hooligans and being a class thunderstorm is an honor, then in adulthood this configuration stops working.

Most likely, you probably met at least one man who said: “Eh, man, here I was skipping school at one time, and now look at who I became. Neither normal work, nor home, nor wife. You still have time, so don’t repeat my mistakes. ”

Therefore, if you want to be a pleasant conversationalist who can interest, inspire and give some practical advice, make a list of literature for yourself and start to master it a little.

Let it contain something from the classics and some of the sensational recent bestsellers, such as, for example, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Thus, you will not only be able to boast that you are familiar with certain works, but also share your impressions of what you read, and also generally show that you understand the literary context. In addition, during the reading process, interesting thoughts may come to you that can turn your worldview around and make you a more meaningful and versatile person. Believe me, this is always a pleasure to deal with.

  1. Pump up in the gym

Naturally, in order to interest a girl, upgrading will have not only her inner world, but also the outer one. If you understand that your complexion needs improvements and improvements, consider registering in the gym or at least start practicing at home.

A sports physique will not only make you feel much more confident and powerful, but will also become the object of interest for the girl you like.

However, it is worth remembering that, despite all the advantages of a muscular physique, not all girls prefer pitching. Some will like slightly pumped up guys, others with a small tummy, and someone – on the contrary, thin dudes.

Therefore, before embarking on the transformation of your body, find out about the preferences of the girl you are focusing on. Agree, it’s not very nice to meet her and hear: “Oh, that’s what you pumped up. I used to like you more. ”

  1. Change your look

If you understand that your corporate identity has not changed since the 2000s, and girls no longer often compliment you on the combination of your jeans with sandals, you should consider purchasing new clothes.

The main thing is to determine the style that will organically look at you, and in which you will feel confident.

It may be some casual with cropped trousers, a jacket and stylish loafers. Or a more street style with a classic black hoodie, fashionable sneakers and plain joggers. It all depends on how you feel.

Add some zest to your style, think about some accessories, such as chains, bracelets, watches, rings and so on. Just don’t go overboard with them. You’re not Rick Ross with Gucci Mayne yet.

  1. Become an influencer

So, we will pass to your image in a network. Today, one of the main indicators of success is not only money, but also the number of subscribers on social networks that follow your life and listen to your opinion in many ways.

A similar criterion of success has become one of the most important recently. Even the Forbes publication, which in July published the rating of the most successful young Russian stars, for the first time in history counted success not only by financial indicators, but also by the number of subscribers on instagram.

Thus, social networks today have become the hallmark of a person, and sometimes it is cooler than the person himself (such a deformation). Therefore, to impress the girl you like, decide on the content that you will post on Instagram, and then engage in your promotion.

Focus on your hobbies, professional activities and potential target audience. Then everything will work out.

  1. Show that you know how to earn

As we mentioned above, the classic criterion for success today is financial well-being. And do not say now that: “I want to find a girl who will be fine with me without money.”

We live in a time when it is almost impossible to live without money (only if you do not live in a remote village, raise cattle and drink water from a well). In all other cases, be kind enough to embark on the path of competition with fellow dudes like you, and achieve career success by demonstrating to yourself and everyone else that you are worth something.

These are the rules of the game and ignoring them is pretty pointless. Subsequently, you can, of course, move into a hut, but make sure that it is warm, light, clean and comfortable.

By Cindy
May 16, 2020

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