If you have any doubts about this, I advise you to take a closer look at our points.

When you are in a relationship with a girl, you are always tormented by questions about why she chose you, whether she intends to continue to meet with you, and most importantly – whether she loves you as much as you do her.

In fact, in couples someone is always in love more and someone less, and there is nothing catastrophic about this. In addition, over time, it is very difficult to maintain the very feelings that visited you during the first months of the relationship. Someone may change priorities, values, outlooks on things and generally sexual preferences (this also happens). Therefore, at some point it may seem to you that you surrender in these respects much more than she does.

In this case, I have several signs that will confirm this.

  1. You can’t do what you want

For example, you and your friends have planned a grand party in a country house. She refuses to take part in this and invites you to spend the weekend in another place. You are inferior to her, but when it comes to leisure next weekend, she again insists on her option, not taking into account your preferences that you tell her about.

Since you do not want to create conflict situations and upset her, you again agree to its terms. Thus, for several months now you cannot get out with friends or just do what you personally would like to do.

If she almost never makes a compromise, it means that perhaps her interests do not include compromises at all. In this case, you should carefully think about whether you are ready to continue this relationship.

  1. You always write her first

As always, you had a good time (had dinner in a restaurant, went for a walk, went to the cinema and so on), but she does not ask you after your walk how you got home, does not tell what she thinks about the evening and doesn’t write you first at all.

Of course, here you need to keep in mind that in our society the stereotype is still too tenacious, that guys supposedly always have to write first. But if you have been dating for quite some time, this stereotype, although it continues to put pressure on the girl, is no longer so strong.

Thus, if you absolutely have to write first all the time, plan all activities alone and always be the initiator of your meetings, it is worth considering. In this case, you can not get in touch for several days and see how long it will take her to take the initiative in her hands.

  1. Do you remember some of your memorable dates, but she doesn’t

Just note that all people, in principle, are differently related to different dates. Many do not see this as sincerity or special meaning, only the next instructions of the society, from the series “it is so accepted”.

However, if a girl is in love with you, she is unlikely to forget any special details of your relationship. For example, where did your very first kiss happen, under what circumstances did you first bring her to orgasm or for the first time admit that you love her. If she does not remember any of this, and also when exactly you started dating and how much time is already together, it is possible that she gives these relationships a little less importance than you. Well, or she is an anarchist at heart!

  1. She begins to avoid physical contact with you.

When two people are in love with each other, they, although not all the time, want to touch each other from time to time: hug, kiss, hold hands.

If at some point you noticed that your girlfriend has been avoiding any touch for a long time, it’s worth talking about it. Perhaps in the conversation it turns out that this is not at all connected with your relationship, but for some reason she feels bad (depression, trouble at work, she is tired, sick), in which case she should help and support her.

  1. When you invite her out, she’s busy all the time.

At the very beginning of our relationship, we want to spend all our free time with the person we love. Then this obsession weakens, but we still want to be close to each other from time to time.

If a girl systematically refuses to meet with you, to go to a party with friends or to get together with her parents, this may be a sign that she’s tired of everything. Try talking to her directly and find out what is bothering her, as well as what she thinks about your relationship.

By Cindy
May 14, 2020

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