An important guide for unfaithful guys.

Treason is considered one of the most unacceptable things in a relationship between two lovers, and this is quite true if you have not agreed on a free relationship in advance. However, all people under the terrible word “treason” mean slightly different things. Someone considers betrayal the very idea of ​​making love with someone else but his partner, and for others, such fantasies are a harmless practice.

Now we will try to figure out what are the changes, as well as how to treat them. For convenience, I divided infidelity in relationships into five levels – from the easiest to the most serious.

Level 1: Fantasy

This is the same case when you are in a serious relationship, but from time to time you look around, noticing the charms of other girls. Perhaps you even fantasized about somehow cheating on your girlfriend, but technically you never did something that could offend her.

In any case, you have already laid the foundation for a possible betrayal, so it’s worth considering.

What to do?
This is actually quite normal. Many at one time or another look at others and think about them in the context of bed.

However, when suddenly you once again catch yourself in this lesson, think about why you decided to date your girlfriend, thereby limiting communication with everyone else. That is, remind yourself of why she is the best.

If you’re not worried around the clock thinking about making love with someone else, most likely this is not a problem.

Level 2: Fleeting Affair

You flirted with some girl, maybe kissed her (or even slept) and realized that all this was a mistake. In this case, it is important to remember that this was only a single action, which does not plan to be repeated again, with anyone.

What to do?
Try to understand the reasons for what happened, analyze your current relationship. Perhaps this is a symptom of something more serious? Love has faded, are you not interested in each other? Relations deteriorated, but for some reason are you in no hurry to finish them?

If you understand that this is just an accident, it’s worth trying to put yourself in the shoes of your regular partner and realize that such behavior can be painful. Accordingly, you don’t need to do this anymore, because it not only threatens your relationship, but also looks very ugly in relation to your girlfriend.

Try to draw conclusions. For example, next time do not get drunk so much and watch your actions.

Level 3: Emotional Attachment

Prolonged communication with a girl led to the fact that you have the so-called platonic relationship – a strong emotional attachment to each other. However, as we know, you already have a girl with whom you have a mental connection no less.

If you have come to the point that you already recognize this emotional dependence on another, then you have gone too far.

What to do?
Any relationship is not only physical contact in the evenings, but also a deep emotional connection. If you find a similar connection on the side, then your level of betrayal is gaining serious proportions.

You need to analyze all circumstances (a psychologist would be useful in this case), be honest with yourself and both women, and then follow the call of your heart. After long deliberation, you can understand that you need one of them or come to the conclusion that you are a polyamorous person, which is also normal. The main thing is not to hide this, but not to demand polyamorousness from the rest.

Level 4: Numerous Affair

The type of man who has reached this level is quite easy to imagine: he is influential, successful (or at least seems so) and he has a faithful and loving wife. But whenever he has the opportunity to take a walk on the side, he is not against using it.

What to do?
If you are at this level of betrayal, it means that you probably have some personal problems that have nothing to do with your basic relationships. You need to try to thoroughly understand yourself and understand why you cannot remain faithful.

If you find it difficult to stop cheating on her all the time, it is better to find strength in yourself and end the relationship. If you want to get rid of your infidelity, you can contact a therapist.

Level 5: Full-fledged romance on the side

If you have two girls, each of which is not aware of the existence of the other, then you are cheating on both.

What to do?
This situation develops when you refused to reflect on the fourth level. Instead of devoting yourself to just one girl, you decided that you won’t get to anyone – not even yourself.

In this case, you need to admit to yourself that you live every day by deceiving people who love you. Remember that you not only hurt them, but also harm yourself by choosing a false double life.

By Cindy
May 10, 2020

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