It seems to be trifles, but they are able to kill even a strong relationship.

In addition to such obvious reasons as cheating, alcohol abuse or disrespect, there are less obvious but dangerous things that can lead to a break. Here are some of them.

  • Most of the household duties are with the woman.

Do you think that cleaning is not a male occupation? Then I have bad news for you: a similar position can negatively affect your intimate life in marriage.

A study by the University of Alberta showed that heterosexual couples had more intimate contacts (and more enjoyable!) When household duties were divided in half. Researchers believe that the correlation is due to the fact that women in such relationships know that they are full-fledged individuals that are respected.

“Doing homework may or may not be enjoyable, but knowing that your partner also takes part in it prevents anger and resentment, thereby creating a more fertile ground for (satisfying) sexual contact,” wrote the lead author of the study. Matt Johnson

  • You don’t watch romantic comedies together

Sorry, but it looks like it’s time to finally look at the “Diaries of Memory.” A three-year study by the University of Rochester analyzed family therapy programs and found that people who watched romantic films together and then discussed the relationship of the main characters had a 50% lower divorce rate (!) Than those who did not.

The figure is very impressive, and especially for this occasion we have a selection of cool films and TV shows that you can watch with your soul mate.

  • One of you takes too long to get to and from work

When you find the perfect job, you accept the offer, even if it means a two-hour trip in both directions. But while your career can flourish, this tedious road is likely to negatively impact your personal life.

One Swedish study showed couples were more likely to break up when they get to work for a long time compared to those who shouldn’t go to work at all. So, perhaps it’s worth looking for a job closer to home, or even think about a remote place.

  • Your phone is always at arm’s length

Your mobile device has no place at the dining table, at least if you want your relationship with your wife to remain as beautiful as it is now.

Researchers from the University of Essex found that “mobile phones can interfere with human relationships” and adversely affect the proximity, communication, and quality of conversations between partners. Your Instagram account, of course, can wait until the end of the dinner, but your spouse, maybe not.

  • You chat more often than talk

If you want to say something important, for example, “I’m sorry” or “We need to think about the child,” try not to discuss such things in instant messengers. Researchers at Brigham Young University found that women who conveyed their apologies and other important information through text and men who corresponded too often with their wives were less satisfied with their relationship.

According to the author of the study, Jonathan Sandberg, this is due to the fact that the discussion about anything by correspondence is not as high-quality and complete as during a conversation. However, researchers do not urge to stop chatting with your spouse at all – just let text communication be more important to you than living.

  • You prefer Coca-Cola and she prefers Pepsi

I agree, it sounds strange, but when researchers at Duke University examined the effects of brand preference on relationships, they suddenly found that brands could have a greater impact on a couple’s compatibility and happiness than religion or education.

The authors of the study suggest that the difference in the preference of certain brands can be a big problem, since most people perceive it as insignificant and do not even think about raising this topic in a conversation with their spouse.

“If the partners have different preferences, and one of them dominates the relationship, then there is a risk that he will impose his beloved brand on his spouse. And it will be extremely painful for him, because he will have to give up what he likes, ”wrote the author of the study, Daniel Brick.

By Cindy
May 9, 2020

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