Do not forget that this is just a date.

Every time before your first date, you begin to strain, sweat, blush, whiten, shake, or even lose consciousness? Do not worry – this is quite natural.

And although this problem is very common, it does not mean that nothing can be done about it. Just follow our advice and they will help you calm this excitement.

  1. Go to the gym before a date

Instead of wasting energy on experiences, spend it on doing physical exercises. Sport helps to cope with nervous tension, as well as increase the production of endorphins, which will help you feel confident and happy – what you need before your first date!

  1. Take a shower

A group of Japanese scientists has proven that people feel more relaxed near the water, so a visit to the shower before a romantic meeting will not only help to put yourself in order, but also get rid of unnecessary stress – the main thing is to set a comfortable water temperature.

  1. Listen to your favorite music (better optimistic)

A 2013 study showed that music can be very effective in dealing with stress, and you yourself probably know that. Therefore, instead of going through the options in your head of what might go wrong, turn on your favorite track, sing along or even dance a little – you will see, your mood will immediately increase.

  1. Put on what you will feel comfortable in

Choosing an outfit for a first date, do not focus on the latest fashion trends or trying to look “cool”. The most important thing now is that you feel comfortable, because this is the key to confidence.

But it is very difficult to feel confident and relaxed if you are worried that the clothes hamper your movements or do not fit your style. And yes, be sure to make sure all wardrobe items are clean.

  1. Try aromatherapy

A joint study by a group of scientists from Iran and Germany showed that the smell of lavender helps calm the nervous system, contributing to relaxation. The aromas of mint and eucalyptus are also great for relaxation. You will see: just a few drops of one of these essential oils can create a real miracle and relieve tension before the first meeting with a girl.

  1. Prepare a few questions in advance

Even if you have an active date with a girl, you will probably talk, and an awkward silence at the first meeting will make you even more nervous. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stock up some questions you ask your companion in advance.

  1. Get ready for different options.

No matter how much you like the girl with whom you are going to meet, do not forget that this is only a date, and your whole future life does not depend on him. It will be great if you have a great time together and want to meet again, but if not, there will be no disaster.

  1. Breathe, dude, breathe!

Deep breathing is a great way to relieve any tension, so take a deep breath before four, then hold your breath for two and slowly exhale, counting to four.

Then remind yourself that you are a cool, calm, relaxed and confident guy. Now smile and go, finally, to a meeting with your companion – she is waiting for you!

By Cindy
May 6, 2020

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