Sympathy or deception? Sometimes these signs can be easily confused.

According to Dr. Albert Meyerabian, the author of several books on non-verbal communication, only 7% of any message is transmitted through words, 38% through intonation and a whopping 55% through non-verbal elements such as posture, facial expression and gestures.

It follows that those who understand body language have an incredible advantage over those who do not. This is a skill that allows people to send and receive information at a completely different and more subtle level, especially useful when meeting new girls.

Below are some of the most common body language messages that are called by experts in this field. But we immediately warn you: the decoding of the values ​​can not be called 100% accurate – rather, one of the signs that you should pay attention to.

  1. Raising eyebrows + smile – a person likes what he sees

According to body language expert Patti Wood, there are quite a few different types of eyebrow lifting, and each type carries a different message. One of the most interesting, in her opinion, is raising an eyebrow, which is accompanied by a smile.

“As a rule, we use this gesture when we see people we love. A very short raised eyebrow can mean: “I like what I see,” says Wood.

  1. Tilt towards the interlocutor – desire and interest

“People are usually used to unconsciously leaning toward what they want, and deviating from what they don’t care about,” Reiman says, adding that the slope will indicate that one person wants to approach another in a variety of ways.

However, she also emphasizes that this, as well as any other signal, may not carry any subtext and may be a simple reaction to changes in the situation or even be a way of manipulation that people resort to for various reasons. So be on the alert.

  1. Eye contact (but not too long) is a positive sign

If your interlocutor maintains eye contact and sometimes lowers her gaze to look at your mouth before looking into your eyes again, this can be a very positive sign, says Judy James, author of The Body Language Bible.

“This is a clear sign that someone considers you attractive and probably even thinks of a kiss with you,” James writes.

However, the beneficial effects of eye contact may be exaggerated. In a study presented at the Vision Sciences Society conference in May 2015, psychologist Alan Johnston and colleagues at University College London presented a study that found that on average continuous eye contact with strangers that lasted more than 3.2 seconds, people called “ undesirable. “

  1. A person repeats your movements – sympathy or a lie

According to Patti Wood, mirror movements are a natural part of every human interaction. Most often, people tend to copy the movements of the interlocutor when they feel comfortable and feel sympathy for the person they are talking to.

However, this same behavior may be a less pleasant sign.

“Mirroring can also mean that a person feels uncomfortable, or that he is hiding something, because the cognitive load required for a lie is high,” says Wood.

So before drawing conclusions, pay attention to other signals, as well as to the intonation of your interlocutor.

  1. Licking the lips – anticipation (or cheating)

Tonya Reiman, author of The Power of Body Language, says licking her lips is a sign of anticipation: “We lick our lips when we see what we want. This sign may mean that she wants you. This is due to the fact that when someone attracts us, the mouth produces additional saliva, and in response, a person can quickly lick his lips or squeeze them together. “

However, do not rush to rejoice: Reiman also says that licking the lips may mean that what the person just said is not true, and he (or she) mechanically licks his lips, trying to “erase” the lie from his mouth. Or your interlocutor simply has dry lips.

  1. Loosening – lack of interest

Reiman believes that if a person wants to end the conversation, he usually positions his legs so that the socks of his shoes point in a different direction from the person with whom he is talking.

“A person can also begin to tilt their upper torso away from the other person and cross their arms over their chest to unknowingly demonstrate a lack of interest,” she says.

  1. Reddened face – romantic interest (as well as shame, anger and shyness)

A person turns red as his sympathetic nervous system dilates the small vessels on his face and body. Interestingly, women usually blush five to six times more often than men.

“Blush is a clear indicator of potential sexual interest,” says James. And the fact that your interlocutor is blushing can be a signal of her shyness, shame or anger, so it’s better to make sure that the reason for the change in the color of her face was your charm, and not some kind of dirty tongue that you let go of before that.

By Cindy
May 5, 2020

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