No need to rack your brains, just choose something from our list.

Many of you have one common problem that you encounter almost every year – it is very difficult for you to understand what you can give your girlfriend a birthday.

After all, when she does not give any specific instructions, but is waiting for a surprise, such a space of options opens before you that you immediately get lost and begin to doubt. “Suddenly, she won’t like this, but what if she doesn’t like this,” you think, and you absolutely cannot decide.

Deeply aware of the severity of the situation, I made an exhaustive list of original gifts for her birthday. Choose your own and do not wait until the last minute.

What to give a girl for her birthday: original gift ideas

To please your girlfriend and impress her with a gift, you need to at least approximately understand her preferences. If you have been dating her for more than one day, you probably already managed to find out what she loves, what she is fond of and what things she hates. From this all and it is necessary to build on in the first place.

However, there is a category of more or less universal gifts that almost everyone will be happy with. No matter how stereotypical it may sound, but the fact remains: many will enjoy the new iPhone. The problem here is more likely in its cost.

And now let’s move on to specific ideas:

  1. Travel

If you want to really please your girlfriend and intend to play big, you can offer her to go on vacation together. Just say that you are ready to fly with her to (choose a place), cover all expenses and provide an unforgettable experience.

  1. Candy floss making machine

Does your girlfriend love sweets and loses her mind at the sight of cotton candy? So why not give her an automatic machine for her preparation. If it seems to you that this is too expensive a pleasure, I hasten to reassure you: it is not.

  1. Coffee machine

What do true coffee lovers need for complete happiness? The answer is simple: a coffee machine. With it, the process of preparing a drink becomes much simpler and faster, and the result often exceeds all expectations.

There are, of course, people who are used to grinding grains by hand in a coffee grinder, then pouring them into a Turk and standing for ten minutes at the stove, making sure that their drink does not run away. But most of these gourmets simply did not use a high-quality coffee machine.

  1. Perfumes

Perfume is a pretty risky gift, because if a girl does not like their fragrance, she simply will not use them. That is why perfumes are usually chosen by their future owner himself after five hours of walking through the store with perfumes.

However, if you give her a perfume and at the same time get to the point, there will be no price for your gift. So, if you are one of the risky guys, you can try your luck.

  1. Smart speaker

Today, many get home voice assistants who talk about the weather, set an alarm clock, remind the owner of important matters, play music and much more.

If your girlfriend loves everything technological, she will surely like such a lotion.

  1. Pet

If you live together, you probably had a conversation about getting some nice little pet. Most likely, the girl acted as the ideological inspirer in this case, and you uncomfortably denied, referring to the fact that you will not have time to follow and take care of him.

Now is the time to think about it again, imagining how happy your girlfriend will be if you bring a little puppy home.

However, in this case, you will pay not only with your money (although why not take it from the shelter?), But you must also accept responsibility for the animal that has been tamed. If this is a dog, be prepared for the fact that you and your girlfriend will take on many obligations – from morning walks and buying food to going to the veterinarian and compulsory vaccination.

  1. Smart watches

So, if you were scared of the previous point, let’s go back to the good old technologies, which only ask you to charge them from the wall from time to time.

If your girlfriend has an iPhone, you can safely give her an Apple Watch and be sure that she will like them. The main thing is to choose a suitable watch strap that will suit her.

However, if she has an android, choosing an accessory becomes noticeably harder. It is advisable, of course, to proceed from the quality of smart watches, and not look at their appearance.

  1. Record a track with congratulations

It may not seem to you that this idea does not work, and your girlfriend does not appreciate it. If you seriously approach to writing a congratulatory text and choose the right instrumental (or even buy it), not only she, but many others will like your track.

The main thing is to record a song not on the recorder of your phone, but to go to a recording studio and do everything wisely. If you have any difficulties while recording, they will definitely help you there.

  1. Treadmill

When you give your girlfriend a treadmill (or any other simulator), try to make it not look like a hint that the age has come that she needs to start running.

This gift will be ideal if she likes to play sports or once hinted to you that it would be great to be able to run around at home.

  1. Concert Tickets for Her Favorite Band

I saw the announcement of the concert of her beloved band on the network, and is it very soon? So you’re just lucky. You can take tickets for two and feel free to present them to her. For you to understand, many concert tickets are now far from a penny, so they can be considered as a full gift.

In the same way, you can give her theater tickets for the production that she had been waiting for so long, for a sporting event, some stand-up, and so on.

  1. iPhone

You understand that I just could not miss this item and should have reminded you that she (possibly) wants an iPhone. And you can safely consider yourself a hero if the gadget model is the same as the figure of this item.

  1. Bag

Surely you noticed that many girls are just crazy about bags, clutches, wallets and other accessories of this kind. And if it’s also a bag from designer Michael Kors, then this is just a musthave.

You are unlikely to be mistaken if you give her such a bag with a look, as if nothing had happened, as if you already knew perfectly well what was happening in this world of fashion. (Small disclaimer: and yet such a bag is not suitable for everyone. For example, if your girlfriend is an informal or vegan and does not accept things from the skin of dead animals, it is worth considering another gift).

  1. Shopping day

Surprises are, of course, good, but when you understand that you don’t understand what your girlfriend needs, the good old comes to the rescue. “We will go shopping with you today and I’ll buy you whatever you want.”

Be prepared that in this case you really have to buy everything that she wants (well, or almost everything). After all, you make such a loud promise. Moreover, you did not manage to come up with a surprise, so you definitely need to go and spend all your money.

What should not be given to a girl for her birthday?

Sometimes a wrong birthday present can not only not please your girlfriend, but even disappoint. In this case, all her expectations can be dispelled in the most dramatic way, and the holiday will be frustrated.

So, what you should not give:

  1. Gifts indicating imperfections

Such a gift could well be a treadmill, which we wrote about above, but there are things much worse, for example, scales. Who would ever have the idea of ​​giving scales? They are only relevant if the girl told you something like: “Damn, if only someone would give me the scales.”

Or anti-aging makeup products that smooth wrinkles.

Another such gift may be an epilator. Presenting it, you show that you want to control her body so that it has less hair. If she decides not to shave, this is her choice, to which she has every right.

  1. Baubles

Please, never follow the rule “I’ll buy her at least something in this wonderful subway passage”. Perhaps there really are some cool things, but it is unlikely that your girlfriend will be glad to see them.

It is better to be without a gift and promise her to go on a trip or arrange the same day of shopping. Just be sure to fulfill your promise later.

  1. Money

They give money to friends or newlyweds for a wedding, but when it comes to a gift for a girl, they can become a symbol of your indifference to her, a way to pay off and, at best, a lack of imagination. So try to come up with something, because there is nothing more valuable than your internal contribution and attention. Think of it as a ritual that is needed to confirm your interest, as an occasion to once again show and speak out your feelings for her.

Well, and finally, if you think that the day of shopping is something like an envelope with money, in fact this is not so. This day you will spend with her, you will sit near the boutiques and wait until she chooses something suitable, or walk with her, looking into her dressing room. In the end, you will have a snack in the food court together and it is likely to polish the day with a trip to the cinema. This is already priceless!

By Cindy
April 30, 2020

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