Another experimental drug from COVID-19 showed a good result

A team of scientists from the United States spoke about the successful testing of an experimental drug from coronavirus called Leronlimab (Leronlimab).

In a small experiment, the drug was able to reduce the viral load in the blood plasma and restore the immune system in 19 patients. The results are impressive, scientists say.

Leronlimab is a viral penetration inhibitor that was previously used to treat HIV and breast cancer. The drug also attracted attention as a potential treatment for coronavirus, in particular for suppressing the so-called cytokine storm, when COVID-19 caused a malfunction of the immune system.

Prior to this experiment, scientists tested the effectiveness of a drug called Remdesivir (Remdesivir), which is administered intravenously. He was one of the first drugs proposed as a treatment for coronavirus, but the first experiments showed that it was more or less effective only in the very early stages of the disease.

Therefore, the search for an effective cure for coronavirus continues.

By Cindy
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April 29, 2020

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