Experts evaluate the effectiveness of antibacterial soaps against coronavirus

Experts recognized the ineffectiveness of antibacterial soap as a means of disinfecting hands and other parts of the body during a coronavirus infection pandemic, while reiterating the recommendation that hygiene procedures be followed carefully.

“It is important to remember that there is no need to wash your hands with the“ antibacterial ”soap. In order to wash off the virus, it is enough to wash your hands with ordinary soap, that is, the one that you already have at home. ”

Experts recalled that hand washing is an important element in the prevention of coronavirus infection and really helps to maintain health, however, naming some brands of soap as antibacterial is nothing more than a marketing move, and there are no standards for antimicrobial additives in this kind of household chemicals.

“There are no criteria for the effectiveness of such a soap, if we are not talking about a disinfectant – skin antiseptics.”

Previously, the World Health Organization recommended the use of two types of alcohol-based disinfectants that contain 75% propanol or 80% ethanol. However, the experiments of German and Swiss biologists have shown that various ethanol-based disinfectants quickly destroy the coronavirus if the concentration of ethanol or propanol in them exceeds at least 30%.

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April 26, 2020

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