Scandinavian countries abandon quarantine for outdoor walks

The doctor of the leading hospital in the capital region of Finland, Yoni Ahola, explained the decision of the Scandinavian authorities to refuse strict isolation measures during the coronavirus pandemic by the fact that walking in the fresh air is good for health and is an integral part of human life.

“A walk consists in the opportunity to relax, it is a kind of meditation, rest from problems. The metabolic processes proceed in a completely different way; a walk has a beneficial effect on all organs. Oxygen enrichment and hardening is taking place, ”said Ahola.

In addition, the doctor noted, fresh air stimulates the growth of protective cells, allowing people to quickly deal with the infection.

“Phytoncides synthesized by plants have antibacterial properties – they strengthen immunity. No physical activity at home can replace outdoor walks, ”she added.

Pandemic rides are permitted in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Norway. In Germany, people can go for a walk, play sports outdoors, be in parks and squares, only observing safety precautions. The highest mortality rate per million people of the population is 175 in Sweden, followed by Germany (61), Denmark (64), Norway (34), Iceland (29) and Finland (25). In Russia, the same figure is 3 deaths per million.

By Cindy
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April 25, 2020

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