Few enter into relationships with a clear intention to go on infidelity. However, the sad truth is that cheating is certainly a reality for too many couples.

Below are phrases that, according to experts, can be a signal that your girlfriend is unhappy with your relationship and does not exclude the possibility of having another partner. However, before listing them, I want to draw your attention to the following:

  • none of these phrases is 100% proof of the fact of treason and should not become the cause of your suspicions.

Before you start a frank conversation with your girlfriend on this topic, carefully study the context in which this or that phrase was uttered, listen to your feelings and think about why you have any doubts that the girl is honest with you. Perhaps the reason is in your own complexes?

“What would you do if I cheated on you … hypothetically?”

If your partner ever told you something like this, then you should consider what she thinks about this topic or, perhaps, is not very happy in a relationship at the moment. It is possible that she would prefer to be in a free relationship, therefore, after hearing this phrase, it is worth discussing how much your visions of relationships and the desired format match.

“I’m fine” (and other monosyllabic answers)

Sometimes these phrases are pronounced by an offended person, sometimes – tired and very often the one who really has everything normal and good. But if you are used to the fact that the girl always shares her news with you in great detail, and recently her answers have become as concise and monosyllabic as possible, it is possible that she began to move away from you for some reason, or some then problems. In any case, it will not be amiss to ask what the matter is, but to do it delicately and without unreasonable charges.

“I do not consider this a betrayal”

All people are different and look at the world differently. For some, only sex will be considered cheating, for others – a kiss, and still others call cheating flirting. Therefore, in order to avoid future misunderstandings, resentment and painful parting, we advise you to talk to the girl in advance about what exactly each of you means by “betrayal” and what kind of relationship format would suit each of you.

“What time will you be home today (tomorrow)?”

Some lovers just want to know when their partner is returning home because they are bored and cannot wait to see each other. Or they are going to make some kind of surprise for their couple.

But, alas, there are those who ask such questions because they want to know how much time they have to spend it with their new passion. And if you suddenly had doubts about which category your girlfriend belongs to, then ask yourself the question why they arose – perhaps there were already reasons for such unrest before?

“Do you still find me attractive?”

It is difficult to be in a healthy relationship when your inner voice constantly tells you that you are too fat or not attractive enough. And when someone is too unsure of himself to love his body, he can seek external confirmation that he is interesting to the opposite sex – and not only from his partner. Therefore, analyze whether you are criticizing the appearance of your girlfriend and whether you give her enough attention so that she does not have to look on the side.

“Why don’t we go anywhere else?”

It is easy and natural to fall into a routine in a long-term relationship. However, if you do not make efforts, your girlfriend may lose interest in relationships in general and begin to try to find someone who will help her to feel the excitement again. So that boredom does not kill your love, we advise you to adopt our advice.

“I know that you’re cheating on me!”

Oddly enough, the easiest way to find out if your girlfriend is cheating is to look at how often she accuses you of cheating herself. This is sometimes a sign of self-flagellation and at the same time helps to divert attention and create the illusion that a person himself does not even think about treason.

However, before making conclusions, think about it – but do you yourself give your girlfriend reasons for jealousy and suspicion with some of your actions? Yes, yes, not only you can doubt her fidelity, but she is in yours.

By Cindy
April 25, 2020

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