How to get a girl back: 4 ways you can try

Before learning about how to get a girl back, please answer your own question – how serious was your relationship? Do you really love her? You have been together for several years now, perhaps even married and bring up joint children? Or just went on a couple of dates?

If you had a short relationship, and the girl preferred your company to the company of another guy – this is one. And if your friend suddenly left for another after many years of happy union, this is a completely different situation. Sometimes the reason for such a decision may be a momentary hobby, which she later regrets.

Or is it true love that she met in the person of this person – this also happens sometimes, and you just have to put up with it. And there’s a third option: she’s tired of fighting with some traits of your character, she understood something for herself, in the end she’s just bored and disappointed in you.

Depending on how strong your relationship was and what caused the breakup, you can try one of the strategies listed below. But we immediately warn that they may not work – where feelings are involved, there can be no guarantees.

  1. Change your behavior

Girls rarely suddenly go to another from ideal men whom they love with all their heart. Try to remember the stage that preceded the break. Perhaps she has lately complained about what you constantly drink, is she tired of your jealousy, or do you have a game addiction?

If so (and the girl confirmed your guesses), ask her if she is ready to return if you try to change your behavior for the better and fight bad habits? However, before you do this, answer yourself honestly – are you ready to change for her?

If the girl agrees, then try to keep this word – it is possible that she will even be ready to help you with this. Because if you do not keep the promise, then the next time she will leave forever and stop believing in you.

  1. Let her know how important she is to you.

But what if she went to another because your goals and needs did not match? Let’s say she lacked attention (or there were too many), one of you wanted to have a child / register your relationship / move to another city, and the other did not.

Again, this should not be your guess, but that the girl will directly tell you and name you as the main reason for the break. Then we advise you to think carefully and weigh your priorities.

And if you decide that for her sake you are ready to compromise or change your position on some critical issue for her, then tell her about it. And it is advisable to back up your words with deeds or specific deadlines.

Phrases in the spirit: “Let’s get married in September” or “I will look for work in the city where you so want to live” – show its significance for you much better than blurry phrases in the style: “I can’t live without you” or “I am ready for your sake. “

  1. Sorry for what offended her

The reason for her departure to another was your betrayal, betrayal or rude attitude? Analyze your behavior, admit to yourself that you did wrong, and sincerely ask her for forgiveness.

Tell me how much you love her, offer to start working on a relationship together (for example, signing up for a therapist) or try to somehow make amends. But be prepared that she will not accept an apology or forgive, but will not want to return – this option is also possible.

  1. Do some romantic thing (but remember the measure)

Not to be confused with paragraphs four and five of the previous list! The line between an impressive romantic act, an attempt to buy or a pursuit can be thin – try not to cross it.

Remember what exactly your ex-girlfriend likes, or what she dreamed about, carefully think about what you’ll do and be mentally prepared for the fact that this will not work. A beautiful gesture of love, when she went to another, there can be only one.

And if he is rejected, then you need to behave with dignity, try to be happy for the girl and leave her alone.

Move on: failed relationships need to be let go and in your life and in your heart a place for new, happier and more joyful unions.

By Cindy
April 24, 2020

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