Virologists named the most likely route of transmission of coronavirus

Scientists from the German Institute of Virology and Research in HIV at the University of Bonn, as a result of a study of coronavirus, found that almost the only way to get infected is a long and close contact with the sick COVID-19.

In recent weeks, virologists conducted a large-scale study in the German city of Heinsberg, where more than 1.4 thousand cases were detected and 46 deaths were recorded.

Scientists could not find signs of a live virus on the surfaces of objects. “When we took samples from door handles, telephones or toilets, we couldn’t cultivate the virus in the laboratory on their basis,” said Shtreek.

As a result, the institute concluded that the likelihood of a disease from contact with objects is extremely small. “Serious outbreaks of infection have always been the result of people being close to each other for a long period of time,” said the head of the German institute.

A similar conclusion was reached earlier by virologist Christian Drosten from Charité University of Berlin. He stated that coronavirus is very sensitive to air drying. Therefore, almost the only way to get infected is the drip route by direct contact with the carrier of the infection.

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April 23, 2020

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