The girl has another man: how not to react

So, it still happened – she went to another. No matter how you like to tear and throw or go and buy her such a bear, we urge you to calm down and pull yourself together.

Perhaps the girl doubts her decision and may still return to you herself. But if you make one of these mistakes in haste, you will not only practically negate all the chances of your joining, but you may also end up in the police force (you really don’t need it).

  1. No need to run into her new boyfriend

We inform you the latest news: the struggle for the female (including the physical one), which is so widely practiced among different species in the animal kingdom, is unacceptable in the civilized world.

A girl is neither an object nor property, nor a limp creature. This is a man of his own free will and the right to choose. It cannot be “beaten off” or “taken away” (what other verbs are there usually used for such cases?). She has her own tastes, interests and desires; she will have to admit it.

  1. No need to talk about him badly

Any attempt to “open the girl’s eyes”, indicating the competitor’s shortcomings and your superiority over him, will lead to the exact opposite effect. Because such behavior humiliates you and exposes you in the most unfavorable light. I think you’re above that.

The fact that you (okay, still your friends and relatives) consider yourself for some reason better than someone else does not mean that the girl is obliged to love you. She may have her own opinion on this matter and the inalienable right of choice.

  1. No need to try to buy her love

Please do not believe the movies in which it’s enough to buy a girl the largest bouquet of roses or the latest iPhone so that she will forget about her new hobby and throw herself in your arms.

With the help of money, you can attract attention, but it will have nothing to do with love. In addition, relationships that are held on a financial interest are very fragile – they almost always fall apart when meeting with real feelings.

In all other cases, by such an attitude and an attempt to “buy” you can completely offend a woman. In any case, the result is unlikely to suit you.

  1. In no case should you blackmail and try to take revenge

Do you think it is possible to make someone fall in love if you threaten this person? If suddenly you answered “yes”, then think again. And then again.

Let’s say your blackmail will be able to publicly open her candid photos or videos, and she will abandon the one she really likes, agreeing to go on a date with you. Do you think she will feel respect and warmth towards you, or is it still fear, disgust, and despair?

Of course, the second. Your final break will only be a matter of time. By the way, in many countries, pornography is a full-fledged crime.

  1. In no case should you chase a girl

Stalking (stalking a person online or in real life) is not the least bit romantic, it is a form of harassment that is scary. Endless calls and messages, the fact that you are guarding her at the entrance or work, can make a girl afraid of you, feel unprotected and cause panic.

The difference between household online surveillance of ex-social networks and stalking as a form of cyberbullying, that is, a form of violence, is obvious: an aggressive stalker calls from unfamiliar numbers, leaves threatening comments, can torment relatives or friends of the object of surveillance and actively let you know about yourself after blocking and requests to leave alone.

Just try to imagine now how scary this can be and don’t act like that.

  1. Do not make a scandal

Yes, I agree, it’s not very honest – you love her, but she doesn’t. But you are not six years old, and you can’t get what you want by falling in tears to the floor or stamping your feet. As well as loud screams. Hysteria is a form of manipulation, and to wait for her to make a girl begin to feel sympathy for you again is at least strange.

  1. No need to call or write to her when you get drunk

Simply no. If you want to tell her something, then don’t do it. Be patient until you sober up, and think about this desire again. Perhaps it will disappear. And if not, then you will use other, more successful words in the message than your drunk alter ego.

  1. Don’t try to make her jealous

To start dating someone to make her jealous is useless in relation to the former and very selfish in relation to the current girl.

By Cindy
April 23, 2020

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