Is it realistic to do this?

How to understand that a girl has a different one is not so difficult. Especially if she told you directly about this, ended your relationship and went to him. I agree, the situation is not pleasant, and you have every right to be sad, angry, perplexed, or even experience all three feelings at once.

If you love her, disagree with your break and want to return her, then there are several ways to try to do it. And there are several mistakes that you make, you only ruin everything and deprive yourself of all the chances for your reconciliation. So what is it worth to do and what cannot be done? Now let’s figure it out.

As we said above, the most accurate and unmistakable sign that a girl has another one is when she informed you about it. In all other cases, what you can consider a sign of treason may not be at all.

Therefore, having discovered any of the following signs, instead of arranging a scene of jealousy for the girl and blaming her for something, I recommend talking to her calmly. Share your concerns and ask her a question – is she passionate about someone else and wants to end your relationship with you.

It is possible that she will find a logical explanation of her behavior, which will make it clear that you were wrong. And having figured it all out, you will continue to meet further, as before.

  1. She began to avoid you

You used to hang out all the time together, but now she seems to have no time for you at all. And this sign should alert you doubly, if its sudden inaccessibility extends only to you, and with her friends she continues to meet as often as before.

  1. She began to often cancel appointments

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes unexpected plans destroy our plans. And this is natural, and you should not be offended or suspect a girl of anything if she could not come on a date once or twice.

Especially if she apologized, named the reason, offered to postpone the meeting, and after you met, as agreed.

Another thing is if the sudden cancellation of joint plans has become commonplace in your relationship. If you offer to go somewhere, and at first she agrees, but then suddenly declares that she has other things (and so on from time to time), then it is possible that a meeting with you is not a priority for her.

  1. You constantly annoy her

We all sometimes quarrel and are dissatisfied with our partners, but if the girl began to enrage, it seems that the very fact of your existence is a reason to figure out what is the reason.

Perhaps she is very offended by you, she is really very upset by your particular habit, she has a lot of stress, and she breaks down on you, or … she has another one.

  1. She began to lie to you.

When a person hides something, he has to lie. And you can expose the deception in several ways.

If you suspect that a girl is hiding something from you (and most likely, this is another man) – this is still not a reason to blame her for something.

Remember the presumption of innocence – a person is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. And there is only one way to prove this. No, not by snooping or looking at her correspondence in messengers – but by a direct question on a topic that interests you.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how you can’t react if the girl has another guy.

By Cindy
April 22, 2020

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